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SoftArtisans Consulting

Whether you are developing key applications for internal use or powerful solutions for your clients, SoftArtisans Consulting Services allow you to serve your markets and customers sooner and more cost-effectively.

Our range of services includes, but is not limited to: assistance with installation; security and performance analysis; debugging. We also will be happy to work with you to develop your complete application. Check out SoftArtisans' recent consulting projects or our all new packaged OfficeWriter support services. SoftArtisans skilled engineers will be dedicated to your project, providing an exclusive relationship that translates to a better understanding of your needs and optimal results.

Regardless of the size, in each consulting project our technical services engineers utilize the best practice models for application development. These are the identical models that our own product development teams adhere to.
As an IT Manager at a major research university I am constantly presented with challenging application requests from our supported users. In order to leverage the existing skill sets of our staff, and still deliver a cutting edge solution, we chose SoftArtisans Consulting Services as our development partner.

Based on our user requirements, SoftArtisans was able to deliver a custom application by incorporating their OfficeWriter(EE) v4.0 product with SharePoint 2007.

I am very pleased with the results and enjoyed working with them to accomplish our goals.
Marshall D. Reed
Manager of Information Systems
Partner with SoftArtisans Experts to Ensure Success
Get the most from your software investments through the varied offerings of SoftArtisans Technical Services. Through consulting, training, and packaged services, SoftArtisans customers get direct access to expert technical resources to help reduce risk, cut costs and get applications up and running quickly.
We build powerful cutting-edge solutions using Microsoft and SoftArtisans technologies
Technologies We Work With: Services We Provide:
Ajax/Dynamic web interfaces
Web Services
SQL Server
SharePoint Development /
Custom Branding
SQL Server, Oracle
Exchange Integration
Building complex multi-tiered web applications
Database Design
Project Management
Application Architecture
Graphic Design
Web-based Excel and Word Reporting
Mobile Development
(BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPhone)
UI Design/ Usability
Web-based Excel and Word Reporting
Secure, multi-tiered file transfer applications
Our Process:
  Understand your
requirements and
identify technologies
and solutions to meet
your needs.
Design your application
architecture and prototype
to solve business-critical
issues while mitigating risks
for pain-free deployment.
Build and deploy
applications reliably
and efficiently to
realize benefits quickly.
Ensure repeatable processes
to run highly scalable and
manageable application.
To discuss your consulting needs, contact SoftArtisans Sales.

Email: contact@softartisans.com
Toll Free: 1(877)SOFTART (or 763-8278), option 1
International: +1(617)607-8800, option 1

We wanted to make one of our Intranet applications more user-friendly and to include new functionality suggested by our users. SoftArtisans helped us to make
it happen. They were extremely responsive and offered their assistance beyond the basic request to ensure we would be satisfied with the end result.

Chantal Rassart, CA, CPA
Knowledge Management Officer
Deloitte & Touche LLP