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SoftArtisans Consulting Projects

Here is a sampling of some SoftArtisans Consulting projects. For more information on how on our consulting team can assist you, e-mail contact@softartisans.com.

Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative

Norwich, CT

Client Need: Ability to use Excel as an input and output interface for an existing Web application.

SoftArtisans Expertise: Excel, ExcelWriter, .NET and HTTP File Transfer

Project Description: Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative (CMEEC) customers use Excel to analyze and manipulate data on the fly. They wanted to maintain Excel as the front-end of a Web database application that would also allow users to create, modify, upload and download bids on electric prices. Our consulting team implemented SoftArtisans’ HotCell Technology so users could update the database straight from their ExcelWriter-generated spreadsheets and refresh the spreadsheet with new data, also from the database. This allowed users to retrieve previous data and manipulate it within Excel, prior to uploading it to the CMEEC database and generating XML-formatted files for submission to ISO - New England's market user interface. SoftArtisans also implemented various security measures both on the server and in VBA Macros in the front-end spreadsheet.


New York, NY

Client Need: Transform data-contained XML documents into full-functioning, complex Excel spreadsheets.

SoftArtisans Expertise: XML, COM, Excel

Project Description: USAData had an important client that required large Excel reports with complex formatting to be generated from XML coming from another application. USAData provided SoftArtisans with guidelines for the spreadsheets' formatting and our consulting team wrote a COM object to parse the XML and render native Excel. After that, a simple method call from USAData's own code was all that was needed. So with the assistance of SoftArtisans Consulting, USAData was able to avoid a time-consuming, in-house coding project and easily met the formatting requirements and strict deadlines set by their key client.


Cedar Knolls, NJ

Client Need: On call to immediately design and generate customized reports for key clients.

SoftArtisans Expertise: Classic ASP, ASP.NET, ExcelWriter

Project Description: onProject turned to SoftArtisans Consulting after a client sought the generation of a series of customized reports within a very short time period. These specially-designed spreadsheets contained Excel features that onProject did not traditionally create in their reports. onProject provided the complex report specifications to SoftArtisans Consulting, which quickly produced well-written, high-performing Web application code to generate those spreadsheets using ExcelWriter.