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Support Knowledge Base, Article 816
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How do I get the Progress Indicator to show accurate progress in ASP.NET?

FileUp's progress indicator cannot show accurate progress in an ASP.NET environment if it is not used in conjunction with either the HttpModule or the ISAPI filter. This is because ASP.NET forces the upload to be cached to memory.

If the HttpModule or ISAPI filter is used in conjunction with FileUp, the upload will be intercepted and cached to disk. This allows for accurate display of the server-side progress of the upload. If you are running FileUp sample code, be certain that you are running samples that have a filename extension of "*.uplx". This filename extension marks the upload to be handled by either the HttpModule or the ISAPI filter, assuming that one or the other is properly installed on the web server.

For more detailed instructions and installation troubleshooting tips relating to this topic, please see:

Created : 3/2/2004 3:54:42 PM (last modified : 3/2/2004 3:54:42 PM)
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