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Platinum Support Subscription

Platinum Support Subscription Package

All SoftArtisans support subscription packages include product upgrades, access to support engineers via email, phone and the Web as well as access to online self-help resources, including an extensive knowledge base and peer-supported discussion lists.

Platinum Support Benefits:

  • Free major and minor product upgrades
  • 24x7 coverage 365 days per year for business-critical issues
  • Two-hour guaranteed response time for all types of issues and questions
  • Continuous effort to resolve business-critical issues*
  • Unlimited number of incidents
  • Up to 6 named contacts
  • Senior Engineer
    • Your cases will be handled by senior support engineers, who are knowledgeable about SoftArtisans products, as well as being experienced developers themselves
  • Top Priority handling
    • Platinum Support incidents receive priority over Gold and Silver Support incidents
  • Support Account Management
    • A support account manager will be assigned to your account and will oversee the handling of all your cases. This individual will be in regular communication with any support engineers and developers working on your issues to make sure each case is brought to resolution as quickly as possible
    • Optional: Several times per year, your support account manager will schedule conference calls with your primary contact (and others as desired) to review any open cases and discuss your support and services needs
  • Direct Escalation Path
    • Any business-critical issues, which are not resolved immediately, will be quickly brought to the attention of increasingly higher levels of management within SoftArtisans. If the issue is open for more than two days, the issue will immediately start being escalated by your support account manager. Every two days that the issue remains open, the issue will escalate a higher level, including the Manager of Technical Services, the Lead Product Developer, the Development Manager, all the way up to the CEO of SoftArtisans
    • Your senior support engineer will continue to be your main contact as an issue is escalated. However, other individuals in the escalation path will also be in communication with your primary contact or upper management as needed
  • On-site visits in mission-critical conditions

To learn more about SoftArtisans Platinum Support and pricing, contact SoftArtisans.

Contact SoftArtisans


Email: contact@softartisans.com

Toll Free: 1(877)SOFTART (or 763-8278), option 1

International: +1(617)607-8800, option 1


Support Subscriptions Comparison Chart

* Business-critical issues include problems with installation or operation of SoftArtisans software which have no immediate workaround, and which cause one of the following 1) inability to run mission-critical applications in production environment 2) system failures 3) an unacceptable delay in the development and release of mission-critical applications.