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ImgWriter Version Differences
Differences Between V1.2.2 and V1.3.0
New Installer
Differences Between V1.2 and V1.2.2
Issues Addressed:
  • AddWatermark and MergeWithImage don't return correct result with a PNG file.
Differences Between V1.1.6 and V1.2
New Features:
  • New property: ImageGen.AntiAliasFactor smoothes the jagged edges of diagonal lines and curves.
  • New property: ImageGen.BufferResponse allows you to turn ASP response buffering on and off.
Differences Between V1.1.5 and V1.1.6
New Features:
  • 'AntiAlias' propery
  • -- support for antialiasing: default is saAntiAlisaNone(0) type is SAAntiAliasFactor
    SAAntiAlisaFactor values: saAntiAliasNone = 0, saAntiAliasGood = 2, saAntiAliasBest = 4, saAntiAliasHigh = 6, saAntiAliasHighest = 8

    The higher the AntiAliasFactor, the more memory this funciton requires and the slower it will be. 'saAntiAliasBest' is the recommended value.

    - NOTE: When AntiAliasFactor is used, the dimensions of the text rectangle are determined by the font. When AntiAliasFactor is not used, the text rectangle is calculated based on the top, left, height, and width parameters passed to 'DrawTextOnImage'
  • 'BufferResponse' property
    • default is 'false'
    • turns ASP buffering on and off
    • There is an issue with IE where a refresh of a page will fail if ImgWriter is streaming an image to the browser. It appears that IE cannot handle a refresh of a page that is send to it using 'chunked' transfer encoding. Netscape handles the refresh without problem. The response is sent to the browser using 'chunked' transfer encoding if ASP buffering is turned off. Previously, ImgWriter turned ASP buffering off automatically. This property allows a user to turn buffering on and allow refreshes to succeed as a cost of higher memory utilization on the server.
Differences Between V1.1.4 and V1.1.5
Issues Addressed:
  • When saving an image in GIF format, 'White'(0x00ffffff) would sometimes be made transparent when the 'TransparentColor' property was not set. This has been fixed in version 1.1.5.
  • Some issues with documentation are corrected.
Differences Between V1.1.3 and V1.1.4
New Features:
  • ImageGen.ResizeImage() -- When you wish to resize an image and maintain proportions, but at the same time insure that one dimension is set to an exact value, pass in '0' as the parameter for the other dimension.
Differences Between V1.1.2 and V1.1.3
New Features:
  • New ImageGen properties - DPIx, DPIy, and DPIunits - allow you to set or return horizontal/vertical dots per inch, centimeter, or meter.
Differences Between V1.1.1 and V1.1.2
Issues Addressed:
  • ImageGen's 'DrawTextOnImage' method would incorrectly render text containing certain characters, such as '&'.
Differences Between V1.1.0 and V1.1.1
Issues Addressed:
  • ImageGen's 'SaveImage' method would fail under ASP when saving to a file and a variable was used for the 'SaveData' parameter.
Differences Between V1.0.9 and V1.1.0
Issues Addressed:
  • Loading an image into SoftArtisans.Images from a variant byte array caused and exception.
Differences Between V1.0.7 and V1.0.9
New Features:
  • A new resize algorithm has been added, saiFilterImage, that greatly increases image quality when reducing an image. This algorithm should only be used on continuous-tone images, such as RGBA, grayscale, RGB, etc. Do not use this algorithm with colormapped images! The type of filter used is determined by the 'ResizeFilter' property. The valid values are:
  • 0: box
    1: triangle
    2: Hamming
    3: Gaussian
    4: bell
    5: B-spline
    6: cubic 1
    7: cubic 2
    8: Lanczos3
    9: Mitchell
    10: sinc
    11: Hermite
    12: Hanning
    13: Catrom
    The default value is 4. The result of each filter type will depend on the image being resized, but generally type 0 - 3 achieve the best result when reducing an image.
  • ImgWriter can now read individual pages of a multi-page tiff file. By setting the 'TiffPage' property to the desired page before calling 'LoadImage()', ImgWriter will read the specified page.
  • Using ImgWriter's new 'TransparentColor' property, any color in a GIF image can be made transparent.
Differences Between V1.0.5 and V1.0.7
Issues Addressed:
  • When ImgWriter sends an image directly to browser, the size is larger than normal.
Differences Between V1.0.3 and V1.0.5
Issues Addressed:
  • Problem in which white was transparent in generated GIFs.
Differences Between V1.0 and V1.0.3
New Features:
  • To align text added to an image with ImageGen.DrawTextOnImage(), the 'Top' parameter might need to be set to a negative value. This is now a legal parameter.