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Support Knowledge Base, Article 972
How do I close the progress window automatically after a transfer completes?
When using a progress indication window with XFile, how can it be set so that the window automatically closes once the Transfer_Complete event fires?

In order to close the progress indicator popup window, it is necessary to call the Window.Close() method on the child window when the transfer has completed. When using the visual upload control, the transfer complete event handler is:


In order for the Window.Close() method to have any effect, it must be called from an object reference to the child window. In order to create this object, declare a global variable and then set it equal to the result of the Window.Open() method. Once you have this reference, call the Close method from within the OnTransferComplete event handler.

Example client-side VBScript code can be found below.

<SCRIPT language="VBScript">

	'--- Create global variable that will reference the popup window
	dim oWin

	'--- Disable the Reset button
	document.all("ResetButton").Disabled = True
	'--- Here XFile is being initialized when it is loaded
	'--- The AXFFile visual control contains an instance of XFRequest which
	'--- is the main transfer engine.  Set XFRequest property CurrentUrl
	'--- That URL is where the upload will be sent to
	AXFFile.XFRequest.CurrentUrl = "http://MyServer/MyUploadApplication/uploadprocess.asp"
	'--- Files can be added to the AXFFile upload queue by clicking "Add File" in the control
	'--- or programmatically by calling the AddFile method
	AXFFile.AddFile "C:/SomeDirectory/myfile.txt"

	'--- Call the MakeWindow() function when the upload button is clicked
	Sub UploadBtn_OnClick()
	End Sub
	'--- Reset XFile when the reset button is clicked
	Sub ResetButton_OnClick
		document.all("UploadBtn").Disabled = False
	End Sub
	'--- Once the transfer is complete, the OnTransferComplete event will fire. When this happens,
	'--- Call the CloseWindow() function to close the popup window
	Sub AXFFile_OnTransferComplete()
	End Sub

	'--- Create the progress indicator's popup window
	Private Function MakeWindow()
		If (AXFFile.Count > 0) Then
			set oWin = window.open("AXFFileProgress.asp","ProgressIndicator",winstyle)
			document.all("UploadBtn").disabled = True
			MsgBox "There are no files to upload."
		End If
	End Function

	'--- Close the progress indicators popup window
	Private Function CloseWindow()
	End Function

Created : 9/6/2005 11:46:57 AM (last modified : 9/6/2005 11:46:57 AM)
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