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Support Knowledge Base, Article 958
FileUp version 3.3 and higher.
FileUp 80020009 errors or Mac decoding errors received when using Mac clients to send an upload request.

Your FileUp application uploads successfully using Windows clients, but when using some or all Mac clients, FileUp returns an 80020009 error, reporting path and/or permissions problems or a mac decoding error.

Specifically, it will show a filename using characters that are being interpreted incorrectly as rectangles and higher ascii symbols. This is causing an incorrect path to the file, and FileUp will fail to be able to move the file from the cached location to the final directory for saving.

For example:

Softartisans.safile.1 error '80020009' 

Error occurred when moving cached file to final destination. 
Please check the ntfs permissions for the directory 
"c:\upload" and the directory containing the file 
"c:\upload\[inappropriate windows file name characters]". 

These directories require read, write and delete permissions 
by the anonymous user ( nt account: iusr_computername ) 
as well as for your authenticated users.


An error occured while saving the file.
Mac decoding failed.
Please check NTFS permissions for the directory path [path].
This directory requires Read, Write and Delete permissions
for the anonymous user account(NT account: IUSR_computername) 
and/or by your authenticated users. 
The operation completed sucessfully. 

These errors are due to incorrect interpretation of Mac-specific file information.


The solution is to use the PreserveMacBinary* property of FileUp: http://support.softartisans.com/docs/FileUp/prog_ref_fileup_PreserveMacBinary.htm

This will allow the file's name to be preserved correctly (source of 80020009 errors) and/or the correct decoding of mac binary information (source of decoding errors). Some browsers may also require configuration for Mac binary support. For more information on this, please see your browser's documentation and KB 543: How do I preserve the resource fork in a file upload from a Mac?

*Note: PreserveMacBinary is only available in version 3.3 and higher. If using a version prior to this, you must upgrade and use PreserveMacBinary in order to address this problem.

Created : 10/29/2004 12:26:07 PM (last modified : 10/29/2004 12:28:17 PM)
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