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Support Knowledge Base, Article 951
File selection box does not pop up when using the Download applet.
When using the Download applet, the file selection box does not pop up even though the PopUpFolderSelection parameter is set to 1.

There are 2 applet parameters that control the visual aspects of the file selection box when using the Download applet of JFile. They are:

  1 = Enables file selection pop up
  0 = Disables file selection pop up

  1 = Use a file selection box native to the operating system
  0 = Use a file selection box that is platform independent

In order to use the pop up file selection box, make sure PopUpFolderSelection is set to 1.

There is currently an incompatibility when using the file selection box with the Download applet and the Sun Java Virtual Machine. If a client is using the Sun JVM and UseNativeFolderSelection is set to 1, then the file selection box will NOT pop up. If a client is using the Microsoft JVM, however, it will pop up. Our recommendation is to always set UseNativeFolderSelection to 0, so that a file selection box always pops up regardless of the JVM the client is using.

In summary, for compatibility with all JVMs set the following parameters within the <APPLET> and </APPLET> tags:

<param name="PopupFolderSelection" value="1">
<param name="UseNativeFolderSelection" value="0">
Created : 10/5/2004 5:45:44 PM (last modified : 10/5/2004 5:45:44 PM)
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