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Support Knowledge Base, Article 947
Using XFile's built-in Upload button
How do I use XFile's built-in Upload button instead of or in addition to an HTML button?

XFile's EnableUploadButton param allows you to enable or disable the built-in Upload button.

When EnableUploadButton is set to 1 (True), the visual upload control's "Start Upload" button will be visible. When EnableUploadButton is set to 0 (False), the button will not be displayed. EnableUploadButton is set to True by default.

For example, to enable the Upload button, you would put the following between the <OBJECT> and </OBJECT> tags for XFile:

<PARAM NAME="EnableUploadButton" VALUE="1">

When you click the built-in Upload button, XFile calls its Start() method, which begins the file transfer.

When using the built-in Upload button, however, you cannot use XFile's progress indication since there is no way to attach to the button_click event. You would need to attach to this event so you can set up and pop-up the progress indicator page before the file transfer starts. This is a feature that may be added in the future.

Created : 9/28/2004 11:18:46 AM (last modified : 9/28/2004 11:18:46 AM)
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