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Support Knowledge Base, Article 910
Large uploads fail in .NET with error "The connection with the server was reset"

When using XFile in an ASP.NET application, smaller uploads succeed, but uploads over 4 MB generate the following error:

Error.Source = SoftArtisans.XFRequest.1
Description = The connection with the server was reset

This error means that the server closed the connection while XFile was still sending data. If you are seeing this behavior in an ASP.NET application when files over 4 megabytes are uploaded, it may be because ASP.NET's default limit for the size of an HTTPRequest is in force in your application.

ASP.NET by default limits HTTP requests to 4 MB in order to prevent denial of service attacks. This setting is configurable in your machine.config or web.config file in the maxRequestLength attribute of the httpRuntime element.

The solution is to increase the value of maxRequestLength to the maximum upload size you wish to allow. For example, if you set


... your application will accept up to 100 MB uploads.

Note: In order to handle large uploads efficiently in .NET, make sure to use FileUp's HttpModule. For more information, see the FileUp documentation under: Large Uploads in ASP.NET

Created : 8/17/2004 12:38:27 PM (last modified : 8/17/2004 12:38:27 PM)
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