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Support Knowledge Base, Article 879
Prior to 2.1.4
XFile times out when using SSL with Server and ObjectName properties because correct port number was not specified.

This error affects versions of XFile prior to 2.1.4. (prior to SAXFile.dll versions:; cab-version

Error message returned to XFile log:
This Operation is Timed Out. 
Please Check your Internet Connection 
and the TimeOut property.
When using the XFRequest object's Server, ObjectName and UseSSL properties to build the URL address to which the upload will be posted, you must also remember to change the port number to the port appropriate for SSL. Otherwise, the default value of the Port property will remain at 80. SSL traffic usually needs to use port 443, unless configured otherwise. If the wrong port is specified, the request will fail and XFile will eventually time out.

There are multiple solutions to this behavior:

Created : 6/25/2004 11:55:53 AM (last modified : 6/25/2004 11:55:53 AM)
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