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Support Knowledge Base, Article 846
Using Client Certificates with XFile: the CertInfo property

The XFRequest object provides the CertInfo property on the XFRequest object in order to allow you to reference client certificates when they are requested from a server that requires them.

Here is how to expect the CertInfo property to behave when making a request via the XFRequest object to a server that requires a personal certificate:

  • The client has one personal certificate installed.
    The CertInfo property does not need to be populated. XFile will automatically return the only certificate available.

  • The client has multiple certificates installed.
    If the CertInfo property has not been populated, XFile will return an error stating that a client certificate is required. The XFile log will report "A certificate is required to complete client authentication".

    If the CertInfo property has been populated with a value, XFile will return the certificate specifed. This property uses a zero-based index as a value. In a case where the client has two certificates installed, valid values are 0 and 1.


To indicate that XFile should present the first personal certificate in the browser's collection:

XFRequest.CertInfo = 0

Created : 8/16/2005 6:43:33 PM (last modified : 8/16/2005 6:43:33 PM)
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