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Support Knowledge Base, Article 838
XP Professional OS requires a "." preceeding "uplx" or other application extension when adding the extension to an application mapping in IIS
Documentation Error: On XP Professional OS (IIS 5.1), the application mappings cannot be added according to the FileUp documentation instructions.

Behavior: In IIS Application Mapping dialog, "OK" button remains disabled when trying to add the application extension, preventing the you from successfully adding the application mapping.


FileUp's interceptor technologies (httpModule or ISAPI Filter) require the creation of application mappings in IIS. When adding these application mappings on an XP Professional OS, one must include the "." in the extension input box of the "Add/Edit Application Extension" dialog in order for the "OK" button to be enabled.

The following instructions come from the section of the documentation entitled Allowing ASP.NET to Process Files with the .uplx Extension. The instructions requiring modification for the XP Professional OS are in red.

Add .uplx to the Application's App Mappings

  1. Open IIS, right-click your application's virtual directory, and select Properties.
  2. Select the Virtual Directory tab.
  3. Click Configuration.
  4. Select the App Mappings tab.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Browse to aspnet_isapi.dll (typically in [Windows directory]\Microsoft.NET\Framework\[.NET version directory]\).
  7. In the Extension field, enter uplx.
  8. Select All Verbs.
  9. Check Script Engine, and click Ok.

For Windows XP Professional Edition, step 7 should read ".uplx" and not just "uplx". By adding the ".", the "OK" button in the "Add/Edit Application Extension" dialog will change from disabled to enabled, allowing you to successfully add the application mapping.

For further details on this issue, please refer to the Microsoft Knowledge Base Article entitled: IIS 5.1 OK Button Unavailable When You Add Application Mappings
Created : 4/29/2004 11:24:46 AM (last modified : 4/29/2004 11:24:46 AM)
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