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Support Knowledge Base, Article 813
2 and above
Do I need to include webclnt.dll if I am planning to create and sign my own CAB file?
Version 1.x only included 2 main dlls for XFile - saxfile.dll and saaxfile.dll (in addition to dlls for the bundled products, Archive and FileManager). Version 2 of XFile introduced webclient.dll. If you are using 1.x versions of saxfile.dll and saaxfile.dll, you do not need webclnt.dll.

If you have version 2 or later of XFile, and you are signing your own CAB file, you need to include webclnt.dll. The objects in this dll will not be referenced in your own code. However XFile's HTTP transfer engine uses this dll internally.

Created : 5/21/2004 4:37:23 PM (last modified : 5/21/2004 4:37:23 PM)
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