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Support Knowledge Base, Article 808
Accessing the uploaded file as an array of variants

FileUp's UploadContents property can return the contents of an uploaded file as a safe array of variants, which is the only type of array suitable for the ASP scripting environment. The code sample below demonstrates how to access the contents of an uploaded *.txt file through this type of array.

Note: It is normally preferable to access the contents of a *.txt file through a variant of the type "string", however, for the sake of demonstrating the storage structure of a variant array, we've choosen to upload a simple text file so that ASP's Response.Write method can return human-readable characters to the browser.

<% '--- Declarations
Dim oFileUp

'--- Instantiate the FileUp object
Set oFileUp = Server.CreateObject("SoftArtisans.FileUp")
oFileUp.UseMemory = true

'--- Check to be sure there was a file selected in the form
'--- If so, continue processing
If Not oFileUp.Form("myFile").IsEmpty Then

  Dim mySafeArray
  mySafeArray = oFileUp.Form("myFile").uploadContents(1)
  '--returns safe array of variants
  '--Because we are intentionally uploading a simple *.txt file,
  '--the ANSI character code for each character in the file
  '--becomes an individual member of the variant array.

  Dim x
  for x= LBound(mySafeArray) to UBound(mySafeArray)
    '--convert the ansi character code with the chr() function
    Response.Write chr(mySafeArray(x))

  Response.Write("Error: There was no file submitted for upload.")
End If

'--- Destroy objects
Set oFileUp = Nothing

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Created : 3/4/2004 4:01:37 PM (last modified : 3/4/2004 4:01:37 PM)
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