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Support Knowledge Base, Article 802
4 or higher
Documentation Error: SAFUpps.dll should not be added to the Global Assembly Cache

Some versions of the FileUp Documentation provide instructions for installing FileUp for .NET that include adding the SAFUpps.dll to the Global Assembly Cache via the "gacutil.exe" utility. When attempting to add this file, an error message is returned to the Command Prompt console:

  Failure adding assembly to the cache:
  An attempt was made to load a program with 
  an incorrect format.

The "SAFUpps.dll" file is not a .NET assembly and should not be added to the GAC (Global Assembly Cache). This is simply a mistake in the documentation. Proceed with the manual installation process by adding the "SAFileUp.dll" and the "SAPrgres.dll" assemblies to the GAC.

It is also not necessary to reference the "SAFUpps.dll" file as an assembly in the "machine.config" file. It follows that in situations where FileUp is installed on the application level, this dll does not need to be added to the "bin" directory or referenced in the "web.config" file of the application.

Created : 2/9/2004 1:29:53 PM (last modified : 2/9/2004 1:29:53 PM)
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