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Support Knowledge Base, Article 792
HowTo: Determine which version of FileUp is installed on the server
How do I find out which version of FileUp or other SoftArtisans product is installed on my server?

There are two methods to determine the version of FileUp that is installed on the server.

First, you should try outputting the Version* property of FileUp in your application. For example:

Set upl = Server.CreateObject("SoftArtisans.FileUp")

Please note the Version* property was added in version 3.1 of FileUp, so if your version of FileUp is older than 3.1, you will receive the error:

Object does not support the property or method: Version

If that is the case, you will need to look in your server's registry to determine what DLL is installed on the server. This can be done manually or using the attached utility.

Checking the registry manually:

    Please take caution when browsing the system registry.
  1. Open the registry by running the command: regedit.
  2. Expand the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key (it looks like a folder).
  3. Scroll down until you find the ProgID you are looking for. In this case it will be SoftArtisans.FileUp. The ProgID is whatever you pass to Server.CreateObject(ProgID).
  4. Expand the key corresponding to the ProgID you are interested in.
  5. Click the CLSID key that should appear indented below the ProgID.
  6. In the right hand window, you will see a key Default and a value that has a value enclosed by curley braces.
  7. Keep note of this value.
  9. Find this value that we just found in the list of values.
  10. Expand the corresponding CLSID key, and browse to InprocServer32.
  11. The Default key for that CLSID will point to the DLL that is responsible for the ProgID we are trying to instantiate. In this case it is SoftArtisans.FileUp. By default it points to: C:\program files\software artisans\fileup\safileup.dll.
  12. Browse to this file using Windows Explorer.
  13. Right click the DLL and click Properties.
  14. Click the Version tab.
  15. The File Version section will display the version of FileUp you are running.

Using the attached application, progid.exe:

There is a utility attached to this article called progid.exe. It will return version information on the ProgID(s) you select. The program reads information from the registry and filesystem, but will not make any changes to your system at all.

Place the two files in the attached zip file to any directory on your server and double-click the exe. In the dialog that pops up, click on any ProgID to see the product version information.

* The Version property is not available in all SoftArtisans products.

Created : 1/19/2004 6:46:46 PM (last modified : 1/19/2004 6:49:41 PM)
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