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Support Knowledge Base, Article 791
How to modify the status text in JFile's client-side progress indicator

In JFile version 3, there are new parameters which allow you to specify the status text in the progress indicator during different stages of an upload. This article will explain how to use these parameters.

The status text can be modified for 3 stages of an upload: Start, Progress and End. During the Start stage, JFile is preparing the files for upload. During the Progress stage, JFile is sending the files to the server. During the End stage, the files have been sent to the server and JFile is waiting for a response from the server.

Below is a screenshot of the progress indicator. The status line is the first line of text at the top.

In this example, the upload is in the Progess stage:

Screenshot of JFile Progress Indicator


The following table indicates which parameters to use for each stage of the upload. If you do not explicitly set these parameters, default text will be displayed:

StageParameterDefault text
Startstatus.lblMainStatusStartTextFiles are to be uploaded. Please wait.
Progressstatus.lblMainStatusProgressTextFiles are being uploaded...
Endstatus.lblMainStatusEndTextUpload complete. Please wait for confirmation page.

In order to modify the status text, set these parameters within your <APPLET> tags on your JFile page:

<PARAM name="status.lblMainStatusStartText" value="Preparing upload.">
<PARAM name="status.lblMainStatusProgressText" value="Uploading files.">
<PARAM name="status.lblMainStatusEndText" value="Files uploaded. Waiting for server response.">

What is the limit to the length of the strings which can be used?
The size of the status label on the progress indicator may be different depending on which JVM the client is using. With Sun JVM, you can use a string of up to 50 characters. With Microsoft JVM, a long string may appear cut off. We recommend using as short a string as possible for best appearance and JVM compatibility.
Created : 4/8/2004 11:34:57 AM (last modified : 4/8/2004 11:34:57 AM)
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