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Support Knowledge Base, Article 771
Generating a cab file results in run-time error: "unspecified error", or the creation of an empty cab file, 0 or 1 kb in size.

The code samples provided with your installation of SoftArtisans Archive that demonstrate cab file creation may try to create a cab that includes the file "c:\ntdetect.com". Because this is a system file, on some operating systems, this file may not have adequate permissions to allow SoftArtisans Archive, operating as the user account specified in IIS, to have access to this file.

If error handling such as
On Error Resume Next
is included in the code sample, Archive will appear to successfully create a cab file; however, the cab file will have the size of 0 or 1 kb and will be empty.

If error handling is not included in the sample, a run-time error will occur.
Error Type:
   Unspecified error

This behavior may occur with any file that does not have adequate permissions for the IIS user account.


For the file with inadequate permissions, add the "Read" permission for the Anonymous User or whichever account is specifed in IIS for your application. If anonymous access is enabled, this account is typically "IUSR_machinename".

If granting the "Read" permission for a system file is undesirable, simply change the code to select a more appropriate file.

Created : 12/16/2003 1:46:58 PM (last modified : 12/16/2003 1:46:57 PM)
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