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Support Knowledge Base, Article 706
How to use .uplx pages in Visual Studio .NET projects
To take advantage of FileUp's isapi filter, files must be posted to a page with a .uplx extension. But .uplx extensions are not recognized by Visual Studio .NET as .aspx files, so developers cannot take full advantage of the IDE's features.
Files with .uplx extensions prevent developers from taking full advantage of Visual Studio's features, such as:
  • having HTML pages with Design and HTML code views
  • using the Toolbox to drag-and-drop controls onto a Design page
  • pages which are already named .uplx and opened in VS.NET disable the Intellisense feature
Visual Studio .NET does not appear to allow users to associate a custom file extension (such as .uplx) with the .aspx extension. Even if a .uplx file is opened in Windows Explorer and associated with Visual Studio .NET by opening the .uplx file in Windows Explorer, Visual Studio .NET does not offer all the functionality of the IDE available for .aspx files.

Two possible solutions are to:

  1. Write all the form and processing code in an .aspx page with codebehind.
    • Rename the form pages to .uplx just before deployment.
    • Any time you need to make changes to the code in Visual Studio.NET, rename the file to .aspx.

  2. Keep the client form as an .aspx page (without codebehind), and have this form post files to a separate page that has a .uplx extension. The .uplx page can have all the FileUp upload-processing code in a code-behind page (.aspx.vb). This technique will allow you to use the Intellisense on the .aspx.vb page, but you will lose the ability to use postbacks for form validation and other handling of server controls on your .aspx form.

    Note: A web form with a .uplx extension can use a code-behind page, although Visual Studio .NET does not make it apparent. To view the code-behind page, select the web form and then click on the "Show All Files" icon in the Solution Explorer window. The code-behind page will be named *.aspx.vb (and this file cannot be renamed in the IDE).

Created : 9/30/2003 5:29:13 PM (last modified : 9/30/2003 5:29:13 PM)
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