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Support Knowledge Base, Article 7
ASP 0115 Errors
'error "ASP 0115" Unexpected error -
A trappable error occurred in an
external object.'

This generic error message is prompted by the occurence of an access violation that has no specific error message associated with it.
Causes of ASP 0115 Errors include,
  1. You are not running ASP 1.0b (ASP.DLL version on IIS3.
    [ASP 1.0b applies only to IIS3. It is not necessary with IIS4.]
  2. You applied a hotfix to ASP but the hotfix did not take because the old version of ASP.DLL is still on the system.
  3. Your form contains an element that contains the word 'filename'-
    Examples of problem causing form definitions:
    input type="file" name="filename"
    input type="text" name="infilename"
    input type="checkbox" name="filename1"
  4. SA-FileManager is either not registered or is failing. If this is the case, the error will probably occur with the use of the FormEx method.
For cause 1:
ASP 1.0b is not longer available for download from Microsoft.

For cause 2:
Assume you renamed the old ASP.DLL as ASP_OLD.DLL.
You should now stop the web server, unregister the old version, register
the new version, and restart IIS:

c:\net stop iisadmin /y
c:\regsvr32 asp_old.dll /u
c:\regsvr32 asp.dll
c:\net start w3svc

For cause 3:
Upgrade to the current dll.

For cause 4:
Stop the web server, unregister and reregister FileManager, and restart the
server. At the command prompt type,
c:\net stop iisadmin /y
c:\regsvr32 safilemgr.dll /u
c:\regsvr32 safilemgr.dll
c:\net start w3svc

Alpha platform users:
Upgrade to the latest versions of SA-FileUp and SA-FileManager.

Created : 12/1/2002 12:00:00 AM (last modified : 4/24/2012 3:30:24 PM)
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