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Support Knowledge Base, Article 69
Version or below
"Access is denied" error with existing users when allowing full access to a new user
If you give a user full control with SA-Filemanager to a user, it locks out everyone ( but the user added) including the owner and administrator.

This bug is caused by SP4, where some security API calls are broken.

We have modified SAFileManager's GetFolder.AllowAccess method to take one more optional parameter.

Examples are like:
Suppose domain\guest has no rights on c:\temp1, c:\temp2, c:\temp3, c:\temp4


Set oFM = Server.CreateObject("SoftArtisans.FileManager")

Set oFolder1 = oFM.GetFolder("c:\temp1")
Set oFolder2 = oFM.GetFolder("c:\temp2")
Set oFolder3 = oFM.GetFolder("c:\temp3")
Set oFolder4 = oFM.GetFolder("c:\temp4")

If (Err <> 0) Then

oFolder1.AllowAccess "domain\guest", 126, 1
oFolder2.AllowAccess "domain\guest", 126, 2
oFolder3.AllowAccess "domain\guest", 126, 3
oFolder4.AllowAccess "domain\guest", 126

The domain\guest will have rights like:

c:\temp1 File(Full)
c:\temp2 Folder(Full)
c:\temp3 File(Full) Folder(Full)
c:\temp4 File(Full) Folder(Full)

Yes, the last two are the same, i.e. no third parameter or the parameter being 3 change both File and Folder's rights.

The fixed version of SAFileManager is v1.1.1.0
Created : 12/1/2002 12:00:00 AM (last modified : 6/17/1999 10:52:00 AM)
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