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Support Knowledge Base, Article 679
Image fails to load in web page when page is refreshed. (Internet Explorer only)

The first time an image is streamed to the browser by ImgWriter, the image loads successfully. However, when the page is refreshed, the image fails to load.

The default behavior of ImgWriter is to set ASP's Buffer property of the Response object to false, ignoring any value that may have been specified in the script. ASP then sets the transfer encoding to "chunked" and the image is sent to the browser in pieces, as it's generated. When a page is refreshed, Internet Explorer may close the connection before the entire image is received in an attempt to conserve resources. The resulting behavior is that the first time an image is streamed to the browser, it will display, but when the page is refreshed, the image will fail to load.


In version 1.1.6 of ImgWriter, a BufferResponse property has been added to address this situation. Setting the BufferResponse property to 'true' (default value is 'false') will inform ImgWriter that it should set the Response.Buffer property to "true". The result is that the entire image will be sent to the browser at once, instead of in chunks. This will allow the page refresh to succeed. However, turning off response buffering will result in higher memory utilization on the server.

Created : 7/25/2003 12:28:41 PM (last modified : 7/25/2003 12:28:38 PM)
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