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Support Knowledge Base, Article 553
Error: "Unknown Error Adding Counter" when using the Performance object
When adding performance counters in code to Admin's Performance object, using the AddCounter method, the following error is received:

SoftArtisans.Performance.1 error '8001270f'
Unknown Error Adding Counter
This error is usually received because of a permissions problem. In order to add a counter, our performance object must be able to find the available performance counters in the Server's registry. By default, the account used by your web application often doesn't have the necessary registry permissions.

The solution is to give "read" permissions to the account being used by your web application to the following registry key:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Perflib

  1. Go to run>start>regedt32
    Note: You must use the "regedt32" registry editor rather than "regedit" in order to change security settings.
  2. Go to the key mentioned above and highlight it.
  3. Select security>permissions from the menu.
  4. Add the IUSR_<machinename> account (if you are using anonymous access), or the authenticated user accounts (if you are using NT challenge response or basic authentication). Give that account "read" permissions.
Created : 12/1/2002 12:00:00 AM (last modified : 6/23/2003 11:31:19 AM)
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