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Support Knowledge Base, Article 527
First attempt transfering files with JFile fails, but subsequent attempt succeed
JFile loads correctly, but the transfer does not complete. The transfer appears to start: the progress indicator indicates it is transferring the file(s), but the progress remains at the initial value; it does not increment. However, if the transfer is attempted again, the download completes successfully.
When using JFile with the WinInet transfer method with SSL, non-anonymous authentication, Proxy servers, firewalls, etc., some problems may occur with the first request JFile sends. This is due to the server returning an error response, usually 400-499 errors. This error means the request is incomplete for some reason (e.g., 401 Error - Access Denied, 403 Error - Forbidden).

The resolution to this issue is to have JFile send a HEAD request (a request without uploaded files or form elements) before sending the real request. This is easily done by adding the following parameter to the applet. This HEAD request will use a WinInet library call, which will automatically handle any necessary authentication.

     <param name="WinInetNTLM" value="1">

Please note: This only applies when using JFile on a Windows/Internet Explorer platform.
Created : 2/15/2003 12:00:00 AM (last modified : 2/24/2003 3:05:55 PM)
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