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Support Knowledge Base, Article 5
Bug in ASP's Request.BinaryRead method causes occasional 100% CPU utilization during upload
When the upload of a large file is interrupted (e.g. the user hits the Stop button), CPU utilization on the server will occasionally hit 100 percent. Software Artisans has determined that the source of this behavior is a bug in the ASP Request.BinaryRead method.

For more information, see Microsoft's ASP Request.BinaryRead Method Causes 100 Percent CPU Utilization .
  • Upgrade to SA-FileUp 3.x.
  • Upgrade to NT Service Pack 6a.
If upgrading your software is not an option, try the following.
  • If you are using IIS 4 or 5, download safileupfilter.zip and install safileupfilter.dll. The zip file contains installation instructions. Note: safileupfilter.dll, like any filter, will weaken your application's performance to some degree. Warning: Do not use safileupfilter.dll with IIS 3.0.
  • Set Response.Buffer to False (or remove any references to it, as it is false by default).
  • If you are using Response.Redirect, try using an alternate way to redirect the user on the client side.
Created : 12/1/2002 12:00:00 AM (last modified : 4/10/2000 4:19:00 PM)
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