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Support Knowledge Base, Article 45
HOWTO: Load testing FileUp using Microsoft's WCAT Utility
WCAT is a free load testing utility from Microsoft that is available on the IIS Resource Kit CD. It can be used to load test IIS in general or your specific ASP pages. Both the Microsoft IIS team and Software Artisans use WCAT extensively to test performance and memory utilization under heavy load.
Download and unzip the attrachment.

Place fileup.scr, fileup.dst, and fileup.src in your c:\webctrl\scripts directory.

fileup.cfg defines 1 client, with 5 threads, for 3 minutes. You may increase the number of clients and the timing.

fileup.scr defines three types of transaction: - a small upload (class 1) using c:\temp\uplsmall.tst (27kb) - a medium upload (class 2) using c:\temp\uplmed.tst (640 kb) - a large upload (class 3) using c:\temp\upllarge.tst (22 MB)

fileup.dst defines the distributions: - class 1, small, is executed 45% of the time - class 2, medium, is executed 45% of the time - class 3, large, is executed 10% of the time

Any test files can be used. The easiest way to generate test files is by uploading appropriately sized files and saving an image of the upload by using the SaveBinaryAs method. A sample is included in the FileUp distribution in the .\Samples\Misc\formbin.asp and formbinresp.asp files.

To generate uplsmall.tst, uplmed.tst, and upllarge.tst, modify the formrespbin.asp FileUp sample to use the SaveBinaryAs method and specify those different locations. uplsmall.tst is provided as an example (see above under 'downloads').

Finally, the *.tst files must be located in the WCAT client's c:\temp directory.

Created : 1/15/2003 12:00:00 AM (last modified : 1/23/2003 9:42:35 PM)
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