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How does SA-FileUp compare to FTP?
SA-FileUp offers numerous advantages over FTP-based upload mechanism, some of which are outlined below:

Control: Uploads using SA-FileUp allow for enormous flexibility which is gained through web developer-defined control of the upload via VBScript or JScript in the ASP pages.

Authentication: With FTP uploads you must either manage many user accounts or allow anonymous access. With uploads via a web application, the application can determine who is allowed to upload, without a large administrative burden.

Security: Uploads using SA-FileUp can be SSL encoded so that the information is encrypted during transmission. There is no means for doing that using standard FTP.

Ease of configuration: FTP uploads require the administrator to fine tune NTFS permissions. With SA-FileUp, this is determined by the application as well as by the adminstrator, if desired.

Flexibility: Want to save DOC files in one location and graphics in another? With FTP, your users have to know that. With SA-FileUp, you can enforce these policies in your application and change them without disrupting your users.

Power: With SA-FileUp, you can limit the size of the uploaded file dynamically every time it is invoked. You can even change the size depending on information contained in the same form. Additionally, you can flush uploads that do not match certain criteria, such as wrong MIME type or file contents.

Simplicity and friendliness: A pleasing web page can offer instructions, advise, and on-line help. This is not possible with batch based FTP. More importantly, when errors occur, you can provide immediate feedback to the user and offer corrective action.

Firewall support: Many organizations do not allow out-bound FTP for security and intellectual property reasons. Since SA-FileUp uses HTTP uploads, information can be transferred using HTTP Port 80 and will work with all modern firewalls and proxy servers.

Supplemental Information: SA-FileUp renders accessible additional information about the upload, such as the user's original filename. This can be very useful in intranet scenarios.

Upload to a database: SA-FileUp allows you to upload to an OLE DB database. Try that with FTP!

Speed: This depends on the context. However, HTTP and FTP both ultimately use a TCP connection, which is the primary determinant of efficiency of transfer. For example, SSL obviously impacts the speed in terms of CPU usage on client and server, but does not increase the overall transfer time. Security is not free!!

Created : 12/1/2002 12:00:00 AM (last modified : 11/13/2001 11:14:00 AM)
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