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Support Knowledge Base, Article 35
ERROR: Server connection reset and/or Error 270
When uploading a file, the upload stops and the server goes down. Sometimes there is a white screen in the browser and sometimes the errors 'Server connection reset and/or Error 270 appear'.
We have determined that this is not an FileUp error but rather IIS error and/or prevention of a complete upload.
48k is buffered initially to the server and Http Response may be incomplete. This may be caused by an older proxy server
or earlier version of FileUp.

1)Make sure you have the most current version of FileUp. The version number is located within the properties of the SAFileUp.dll.

2)Update your proxy server to the newest version.
These are the known proxy servers that cause this problem:
  Microsoft Proxy 1.0
  Netscape Proxy 1.1
  Digital AltaVista Firewall (Uploads of 10MB or more)
If you have a different proxy server than described here, let us know.

3) You can change the 48k buffered size on the server by adding the UploadReadAhead
value in your registry:
The registry path is -

Select the Parameters directory, and then select "New" from Edit Menu.
Choose "DWord Value" and enter "UploadReadAhead" as the name of the value.
While the name is highlighted, select "Modify" from Edit menu.
Choose "Decimal" from Base radio box and type the KB size desired
in "Value Data" box.

If RegEdit interface is different, try these directions:
Select the Parameters directory, and then select "Edit" and "Add Value...".
Enter the Value Name exactly as "UploadReadAhead", and set the type to REG_DWORD.
After clicking OK, another dialog box will permit you to set the initial value.

*Remember- If you anticipate large uploads, set an appropriately large value.
This will increase the speed of the upload, but uses more physical memory.

Created : 1/15/2003 12:00:00 AM (last modified : 1/23/2003 9:11:45 PM)
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