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Support Knowledge Base, Article 346
Other users unable to browse site while an upload is in progress
When a user is uploading a file, all other users are not able to access any ASP pages until the upload is complete. Once the upload is complete, the site functions normally.
This behavior can occur when ASP server-side debugging is turned on for a web application. Ordinarily, ASP serializes all requests for a particular session, but not for an entire application or website. However, if server-side script debugging is enabled, this causes ASP to run in single-threaded mode, resulting in all requests being serialized.

To disable server-side script debugging:
  1. Open Internet Services Manager.
  2. Right click the default web site or the particular virtual directory.
  3. Choose the Home Directory tab or if it is a virtual directory choose the Virtual Directory tab.
  4. Click the Configuration... button under the Application settings.
  5. Click the App Debugging tab.
  6. Uncheck ASP Server-Side Script Debugging.
Created : 12/1/2002 12:00:00 AM (last modified : 12/4/2002 2:45:35 PM)
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