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Support Knowledge Base, Article 305
Do I need FileUp on the server, when uploading files with JFile?

Yes, in many cases, you do need upload processing software like FileUp on the server when uploading files with JFile. JFile is an HTTP client, which posts files (and/or form elements) to a server, in compliance with the HTTP file transfer protocol. There must also be software on the server which can process the upload in compliance with this protocol.

JFile sends multipart/form-data encoded HTTP request to the server. Multipart/form-data encoding is an Internet standard (specified in RFC 1867) for sending different types of information over the Internet as one bundle. If you are uploading to a classic ASP application on a Windows server, the standard form components ASP supplies for web serving do not support multipart/form-data encoding. This means you have to use a third-party product such as FileUp to do it for you. If you are uploading to an ASP.NET application, there is some built-in upload processing capability, but it is limited to small files (our upcoming FileUp Enterprise Edition will provide unlimited, industrial-grade file transfer capability in a .NET environment). If you are uploading to a Unix/Linux server, uploads can be handled in various ways in server-side code, with or without third party software.

Created : 12/1/2002 12:00:00 AM (last modified : 9/13/2002 12:43:23 PM)
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