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Support Knowledge Base, Article 255
Beta 1
HOWTO: Properly set the Web Server Temp directory for Beta 1
Note: This is a know issue for FileUpEE Beta 1 only. It will be corrected in a future release.

Set the WsTempStorageLocation and FsTempStorageLocation properties to specify the file caching locations on your web and file servers. The following examples are shown in VBScript for classic ASP:

'--- Set Web Server Temp storage
oFileUpEE.WsTempStorageLocation = "d:\websvr_temp_storage"
'--- Set File Server Temp storage
oFileUpEE.FsTempStorageLocation = "d:\filesvr_temp_storage"
However, you may notice that the files on the web server are being temporarily stored in a location other than what you specify. This can occur if you set both the WsTempStorageLocation AND the FsTempStorageLocation properties before calling oFileUpEE.ProcessRequest.
Be sure to set WsTempStorageLocation BEFORE you call oFileUpEE.ProcessRequest, and set FsTempStorageLocation AFTER you call ProcessRequest in order to prevent this unexpected behavior. For example (shown in VBScript for classic ASP):
oFileUpEE.WsTempStorageLocation = "d:\websvr_temp_storage"
oFileUpEE.ProcessRequest Request, False, False
oFileupEE.FsTempStorageLocation = "d:\filesvr_temp_storage"
WsTempStorageLocation should always be set before calling ProcessRequest. The bug requiring FsTempStorageLocation to be set after ProcessRequest will be corrected releases subsequent to Beta 1.

Created : 12/1/2002 12:00:00 AM (last modified : 6/17/2002 6:25:00 PM)
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