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Support Knowledge Base, Article 25
Support for Internet Explorer
  • For IE 5.0:
    IE 5.0 does not require a separate add-on for file uploads and can be used with NT Challenge / Response. IE 5.0 also resolves a number of download issues such as those listed in Software Artisans Knowledge Base Article 17 and Article 41.

    The only known issue with Internet Explorer 5.0 is a bug which leaves the downloading progress indicator spinning after downloads are done. This does not affect the download itself, but can be confusing to end users. We are currently in discussion with Microsoft about this issue.

  • For IE 4.5 for the Mac:
    With Internet Explorer 4.5, Microsoft changed the implementation of uploading. On Macintosh systems, files are stored in two parts - a resource fork and a data fork. Previous to Internet Explorer 4.5, only the data fork was being sent. However, the latest version of Internet Explorer for the Macintosh now uploads both the data fork and the resource fork in MacBinary format, which our software is not currently equipped to handle. Thus, SA-FileUp now combines both forks into one unusable file. A future release of SA-FileUp will feature MacBinary decoding. For now, the only solution is to use another browser to upload the files. Netscape Navigator 4.0 and 4.5 and Internet Explorer 4.0 can all upload files from the Macintosh without this problem.

  • For IE 4.0:
    IE 4.0 does not require a separate add-on for file uploads and can be used with NT Challenge / Response.

    IE 4.0 for Mac: There is a bug in the Macintosh implementation of IE 4.0. IE 4.0 will occasionally send corrupted uploads, especially when trying to transfer picture files. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about this at this time short of switching to another browser. We currently recommend that all Mac users use Netscape Navigator.

  • For IE 3.02 (32-bit):
    1) You must install the File Upload Add-on from Microsoft.
    Download the add-on at: http://www.microsoft.com/msdownload/ieplatform/iewin95/04000.htm
    2) You cannot use NT Challenge Response Authentication
    See Microsoft KB article Q169546

  • For IE 3.02a or later (16-bit):
    1) Make sure you are using SA-FileUp 2,0,1,3 or later as it contains workarounds for some non-standard IE (16-bit) behavior.
    2) No Add-on is required for File Upload. NT Challenge / Response works correctly.
    3) There is a patch for SA-FileUp available on our support site if you anticipate many 16-bit clients. Without this patch, IE may cause your web server to consume 100% CPU utilization due to a bug in the ASP Request.BinaryRead method.
    See Software Artisans Knowledge Base Article 5 for more information.

Other Information:

  • No code changes are required in your ASP file, irrespective of your browser.

  • We recommend using IE 5 if possible. The file upload functionality is more robust than earlier versions and contains a number of bug fixes.

  • For 16-bit clients, IE 3.03 or later is a good choice.

  • Microsoft has changed their implementation of RFC1867 between IE 3.02 and IE 4. SA-FileUp Version 2 works with IE 4. For customers who do not wish to upgrade to version 2, we have a slightly modified version 1 available that includes support for IE 4. Please contact us for details and include your original order number.

Created : 12/1/2002 12:00:00 AM (last modified : 8/19/1999 12:34:00 PM)
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