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Support Knowledge Base, Article 175
HOW TO: Dynamically Set Script Timeout For Uploads

SoftArtisans FileUp has a registry parameter that dynamically increases script timeout for uploads that exceed the default or scripted timeout settings. This setting works as long as new data is coming from the browser.

The DynamicAdjustScriptTimeout parameter is only used on the current upload. Once the upload is complete, the script timeout is reduced to it's normal setting.


To modify this setting, open the registry editor and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Software Artisans\SA-FileUp\Parameters.

Set the value of the DynamicAdjustScriptTimeout parameter to "1" (the default is "0").

When you set FileUp's DynamicAdjustScriptTimeout property to 1, as long as new data is coming from the browser, this setting will override any script timeout properties ONLY in the case that those timeout properties are exceeded. It doesn't have any other effects on IIS.

You will find more information about setting server timeout properties in the FileUp documentation under Installation Instructions\Tailoring Your Installation\Script Timeout.

NOTE: Session timeout will override Script timeout, so be sure that your session timeout is set appropriately to allow enough time for the size of files that are being uploaded to your site.

Created : 12/1/2002 12:00:00 AM (last modified : 4/25/2001 4:29:00 PM)
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