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Support Knowledge Base, Article 1383
Server Object, ASP 0177 (0x800401F3) 800401f3

When instantiating FileUp or other COM objects in a classic ASP application, the following error message is received:

Sever object, ASP 0177 (0x800401F3)

This error will point to the line of code where the object is instantiated such as:

Set oFileUp = Server.CreateObject("SoftArtisans.FileUp")

This error message can appear for a few reasons some the common reasons include

  • Invalid class string 
  • Unregistered DLL files
  • Invalid permissions

Invalid class string

Make sure that the class string appears correctly such as:

Set oFileUp = Server.CreateObject("SoftArtisans.FileUp") where "SoftArtisans.FileUp" is the class string.

Unregistered DLL Files

Make sure that all FileUp DLL files are registered. Refer to How-To: Determine the location of the registered COM DLL article to determine if a DLL is properly registered. In the event that you need to register a DLL refer to your version of FileUp’s documentation.


If the class name is typed correctly, and the DLL files are registered correctly, the issue is likely a permissions issue.

  • Verify that the proper permissions are set correctly for the DLL location on disk.
  • Verify that the permissions are set correctly in the registry.
    • There are many SoftArtisans FileUp registry keys that inherit permissions from HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key. The HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key contains file name extension associations and COM class registration information such as ProgIDs, CLSIDs, and IIDs. Make sure that the correct permissions are set on the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key so that they can be inherited by SoftArtisans registry keys.

If you continue to have permission issues, see our tutorial troubleshooting permissions issues with Process Monitor.

Created : 5/4/2011 5:31:41 PM (last modified : 5/4/2011 5:31:41 PM)
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