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Support Knowledge Base, Article 1262
Three-tier chunked uploads with FileUpEE do not work properly
In a three-tier upload with FileUpEE, when chunked transfer encoding is enabled on the webserver for the "webserver-to-fileserver" part of the transfer, the error below was thrown on the webserver in the release version 5.0.33 of FileUpEE:

WebServer SendRequest exception: HttpClient failed to send request. ErrorCode: 0The storage control block address is invalid.

This problem does not apply to two-tier uploads.

The code snippet below shows how to turn on chunked transfer-encoding on the webserver using the FileUpEE's set_TransferEncoding method (TransferEncoding property in VB.NET or ASP/VBScript) in the webserver processing page:

[C#] [VB.NET] [ASP]  

public void processUploadOnWebServer()
   // Instantiate the FileUpEE object
   FileUpEe oFileUpEe = new FileUpEe(); 
   // Set the TransferStage to saWebServer
   oFileUpEe.TransferStage = saTransferStage.saWebServer;
   // Turn on chunked transfer-encoding on the WebServer stage 
   // Set the URL of the fileserver script
   oFileUpEe.TargetUrl = 

   // Set the directory path on the fileserver to which the uploaded files 
   // will be saved  
   oFileUpEe.DestinationDirectory = 

   // Process the Request data sent from the client
   oFileUpEe.ProcessRequest(Request, false, false);

   // Send the HTTP request to the fileserver
   saResult result = oFileUpEe.SendRequest();



This issue has been fixed in a non-public build, and will be included in the next release of FileUpEE.

If you wish to obtain the fix build prior to the next release:

  • If you are evaluating FileUpEE, please contact Sales.
  • If you have a license for the current major version of FileUpEE (version 5) or a valid support contract, please contact Technical Services to obtain the patch.
Created : 12/31/2007 5:51:10 PM (last modified : 5/19/2009 6:02:48 PM)
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