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Support Knowledge Base, Article 1172
versions 5.0.11 and earlier
Uploading files from a Mac client using Internet Explorer 5.2 caused corrupted files.

Using Internet Explorer 5.2 to upload files from a Mac client to a Windows Server(using FileUp) caused the files to be corrupted. This is because this version of Internet Explorer was not setting the Content-Type header to "application/x-macbinary", which FileUp requires. Proper decoding was not taking place, and FileUp was saving the file with the full Mac header, thereby corrupting the file.

In version 5.0.12 of FileUp Standard Edition, the ContentType property of the SAFile object was changed from "read-only" to "read/write". By setting this property to "application/x-macbinary", FileUp will be able to properly decode the Mac binary despite the incorrect header sent by Internet Explorer.
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Created : 8/8/2005 3:17:05 PM (last modified : 8/8/2005 3:17:05 PM)
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