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Support Knowledge Base, Article 1061
Pop-up blockers and the Progress Indicator
Some pop-up blockers block FileUp's Progress Indicator window.

Most pop-up blockers do not block the Progress Indicator window, although it has been reported that some do. The most popular pop-up blockers (Internet Explorer in Windows XP SP2, Google Toolbar, etc.) do not block the Progress Indicator window when set up with their default configurations.

In an attempt to avoid pop-up blocker issues altogether, some customers have inquired if it is possible to make the Progress Indicator appear on the same page that is performing the upload. Unfortunately, this is not possible. The page that performs the upload must post the files as a request to the server. Until the files are successfully sent to the server, this page (and browser window) cannot do anything else. The progress indication occurs completely separate and in parallel to the actual file upload. The Progress Indicator must be able to load and refresh every second in order to display the progress of the upload. Therefore, a separate browser window is needed to do this.

For cases where a pop-up blocker is blocking the Progress Indicator window, there are generally a few options for the pop-up blocker that the user can change to allow the window to pop up:

  • Allow the pop-up for this one time. Hold down the CTRL key when clicking the Upload button on the web page.
  • Allow all pop-ups for the web site being accessed. Add the website to the list of Exceptions for the pop-up blocker.
  • Allow more pop-ups across all web sites. Decrease the Filter Level of the pop-up blocker. For example, set the level to Low instead of Medium.
Created : 2/10/2005 3:24:06 PM (last modified : 2/10/2005 3:24:06 PM)
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