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4 and higher
Understanding upload size limitations in relation to FileUp

FileUp SE has a built-in upload request size* limitation of 4GB; FileUpEE has no built-in imposed limits. However, FileUp's internal size limits (or lack of limits) are not the only factor for determining upload request size limits on your web application as a whole. You must also understand the limits that your client and server configuration impose.

*request size includes the sum of data from all of the files in a request, as well as the information that defines the request itself, such as request headers.

To determine where the limits lie in your upload application, you first have to identify all of the tools used to send and process the upload:

  • Are you using the browser alone, or are you using the browser with an intelligent client such as XFile?

    • The browser alone: Most browsers cannot provide functionality that would allow you to send upload requests larger than 2 GB. This is because IIS will reject upload requests with content-length headers that describe the request as being 2 GB or greater. IIS provides a means of accepting upload requests larger than 2 GB: chunked transfer encoding. Chunked transfer encoding requires that a specific encoding header is sent as part of the upload request. When this header is used, the content length provider is not used. Most browsers do not provide a way to do this.

    • The browser with XFile. When XFile is used, it sends the upload request instead of the browser. XFile provides a TransferEncoding property that can be set to "1" to enable chunked transfer encoding. As described above, chunked transfer encoding allows you to get past the 2 GB limit imposed by IIS.

  • What are you using on the web server, FileUp Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition?

    • FileUp Standard Edition imposes an internal limit of 4 GB. So even if XFile is used to send a chunked transfer encoded upload request, you will still encounter an upper size limit of 4 GB.

    • FileUp Enterprise Edition does not impose any upload size limits. Please remember that if you are programming in ASP.NET you will quickly hit the limits of your physical memory if you do not choose to utilize FileUp's httpModule or ISAPI filter. Memory limitations also apply in ASP if FileUp's UseMemory property is set to "true".

Summary of limits by client/server combinations:

Client Server Limit Limiting Factor
Browser only FileUp SE or EE 2 GB use of the browser alone
XFile or XFile + Browser FileUp SE 4 GB FileUp SE's internal limit
XFile or XFile + Browser FileUp EE limited only by physical resources disk space, timeout settings, etc.

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Created : 1/31/2005 11:07:51 AM (last modified : 1/31/2005 11:07:50 AM)
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