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Support Knowledge Base, Article 336
Best Practice: Using the Version property in XFile's OBJECT tag (Upgrading SoftArtisans XFile on the client)

When a user first runs a SoftArtisans XFile script, he or she downloads SAXFile.cab, which contains all of XFile's controls. To make sure that users download SAXFile.cab again whenever you upgrade it on the server, update DLL version numbers in the <OBJECT> tag's codebase attribute, as follows below.

To create a client-side instance of a SoftArtisans XFile object, use the <OBJECT>: tag with the appropriate classid. The classid specifies which control to create (the various classids are listed below). For example, to create an instance of XFile's visual upload control, use,

<OBJECT classid="CLSID:230C3D02-DA27-11D2-8612-00A0C93EEA3C" id="AXFFile" codebase="/SAXFileSamples/saxfile.cab">

The <OBJECT>tag above creates an instance of XFile's visual upload control. Classid specifies the control's unique class id, CLSID:230C3D02-DA27-11D2-8612-00A0C93EEA3C. Codebase specifies the location of saxfile.cab, which contains SAAXFile.dll (the visual control's dll). Id assigns a name to the created instance of XFile's visual upload control.

Note: You can supply any name (for example, "MyUploadControl") as an id. Use the id to refer to the object in your script. For example, if you named the object instance "AXFFile," use the following to add a file to the upload: AXFFile.AddFile "x:\filename.ext

The codebase attribute specifies the location of XFile's visual upload control. When you upgrade XFile, add a control's new version number to the codebase attribute. To find the version number for the visual control (for example),

  • Extract SAAXFile.dll from SAXFile.cab
  • Right-click SAAXFile.dll
  • Open Properties
  • Select the Version tab

Let's say the version number is Add "version=1,0,9,1" to the codebase attribute:

<OBJECT classid="CLSID:230C3D02-DA27-11D2-8612-00A0C93EEA3C" id="AXFFile" codebase="/SAXFileSamples/saxfile.cab#version=1,0,9,1">

The following table lists the objects you can create using the <OBJECT> tag, the dlls containing the objects, and their classids.

Object XFRequest
DLL SAXFile.dll
Classid clsid:C3A57B60-C117-11D2-BD9B-00105A0A7E89
Object Visual (ActiveX) upload control
DLL SAAXFile.dll
Classid clsid:230C3D02-DA27-11D2-8612-00A0C93EEA3C
Object Visual (ActiveX) download control
DLL SAAXFile.dll
Classid clsid:B82FA17C-F3A9-11D2-B5DD-0050041B7FF6
Object Progress indicator
DLL SAAXFile.dll
Classid clsid:C3EAF164-E06A-11D2-B5C9-0050041B7FF6
Object SoftArtisans Archive
DLL SAArch.dll
Classid clsid:D3400FEE-041F-11D3-B1C5-00A0C9B4587A
Object SoftArtisans FileManager
DLL SAFilMgr.dll for Windows NT/2000 OR SAFmgPws.dll for Windows 95/98/Me
Classid clsid:E7B62F4E-82F4-11D2-BD41-00105A0A7E89
Created : 12/1/2002 12:00:00 AM (last modified : 8/11/2005 5:50:32 PM)
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