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Support Knowledge Base, Article 1408
5 and above
Error: The module ‘FileUpEEModule’ is already in the application and cannot be added again
FileUpSE and FileUpEE use an HttpModule to process large uploads efficiently. This module can only be loaded once in a given web application. If you are receiving an error saying that the HttpModule is already in the application, this means that the module is already being inherited from another web.config or machine.config.
There are two ways to resolve this problem:
  1. Make sure there are no nested config files that include our HttpModule.
    • If machine.config contains our HttpModule, either remove it from machine.config or from the application's web.config. In general, we would not recommend putting our module in machine.config unless every single virtual directory in IIS is an upload application.
    • Check the structure of your applications in IIS and see if there are any nested virtual directories that use our module. If so, try to reorganize the structure to remove this nesting.
  2. Clear all inherited HttpModules from the application's web.config before adding our module, as follows:

    Note: If there are other HttpModules that you WANT to be inherited from machine.config or other web.configs, you should re-add them explicitly
Created : 5/12/2014 1:51:33 PM (last modified : 5/12/2014 1:51:33 PM)
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