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Support Knowledge Base, Article 1294
How-To: Determine the location of the registered COM DLL

Some SoftArtisans products come with COM DLLs. A COM DLL must be registered in the registry before it can be used. Oftentimes, it is necessary to determine whether a COM DLL is registered and, if so, its path on disk. With respect to SoftArtisans products, some common scenarios are as follows:

  • You have multiple versions of a COM DLL and wish to determine which version is being used
  • When using SoftArtisans FileUp in .NET, you want to ensure that the versions of the .NET DLL and the COM DLL match
  • You want to determine whether FileUp's pure COM DLL or the mixed-mode DLL (containing both COM and .NET components) is registered

Use the attached VBScript script, whatdll.vbs, as follows:

  1. Navigate to the directory where the script was saved.
    • If this is a 64-bit server, make sure to use the 32-bit version of the command prompt at
  2. Type the followiing at the command line:
    whatdll.vbs <ProgID>
    For a list of ProgIDs, consult the table below. While there may be one or more ProgIDs associated with a particular DLL, you only need to select one ProgID belonging to the desired DLL.
Non-exhaustive list of SoftArtisans ProgIDs and associated DLL
Product DLL ProgID
Archive saarch.dll softartisans.archive
ExcelWriter v6 COM saxw6com.dll softartisans.excelwriter
ExcelWriter v7 COM saxw7com.dll softartisans.excelwriter
FileManager safilmgr.dll softartisans.filemanager
FileUpSE safileup.dll softartisans.fileup
FileUpSE saprgres.dll softartisans.fileupprogress
FileUpEE fileupee.dll softartisans.fileupee
FileUpEE fileupeeprogress.dll softartisans.fileupeeprogress
FileUpEE mimeclient.dll softartisans.mimeparser
ImageWriter saimagegen.dll softartisans.imagegen
SMTPMail sasmtp.dll softartisans.smtpmail
WordWriter v3 COM saww3ccw.dll softartisans.wordtemplate
WordWriter v4 COM wordtemplateccw.dll softartisans.wordtemplate
XFileSE saxfile.dll softartisans.xfrequest
XFileEE xfileee.dll softartisans.xfrequestee

If the COM DLL associated with the specified ProgID is registered, the script displays a message indicating the path of the DLL, similar to that in the dialog box below.

If the COM DLL associated with the specified ProgID is not registered, the script displays the following error message:

Created : 7/5/2011 11:56:15 AM (last modified : 7/5/2011 11:56:15 AM)
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