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SoftArtisans Technical Resource Materials
SoftArtisans is constantly adding to its extensive collection of technical documents for customers to more effectively utilize its software. Click the headings in the following table to sort these documents by title, product, document type and last-modified date:
1423 FileUp How to Log Information about FileUp Upload Failures KB - HowTo 07/09/2014
1420 FileUp Migrating an old FileUp application to a new server KB 06/12/2014
338 XFile "Certificate authority is invalid or incorrect" when using XFile with SSL KB - Error 05/12/2014
1418 FileUp Error: ActiveX component can’t create object KB 05/12/2014
1409 FileUp Error: Failed to create temp file in directory, %SystemRoot%\TEMP KB 05/12/2014
1408 FileUpEE Error: The module ‘FileUpEEModule’ is already in the application and cannot be added again KB 05/12/2014
1412 FileUp Error when uninstalling FileUp: safupps.dll failed to unregister KB 05/12/2014
1411 FileUp HOW-TO: Install FileUp on Windows Server 2012 KB 05/05/2014
1274 FileUp HOW-TO: Install FileUp on Windows Server 2008 KB 04/30/2014
1335 FileUp HOW-TO: Install FileUp on Windows Vista and Windows 7 KB - HowTo 04/09/2013
1200 FileUpEE Error when doing 3-tier uploads or downloads with HTTPS KB 02/04/2013
1213 FileUp How to run FileUp on a 64-bit Windows Operating System KB - HowTo 12/14/2012
1402 XFile How to install or uninstall XFile on an end-user machine KB 08/01/2012
1406 FileUp HOW-TO: Add FileUp to an ASP.NET application KB - HowTo 07/23/2012
1404 FileUp HOW-TO: Create a Classic .NET Application Pool on a 32-bit machine KB - HowTo 07/23/2012
1398 FileUp HOW-TO: Install FileUp on Windows Server 2003 KB 07/23/2012
949 FileUp Mac downloads*: Name of ASP script is given in the SaveAs dialog instead of the name of the downloaded file. KB 04/24/2012
956 FileUp Progress Indicator and transfer rates KB 04/24/2012
1013 FileUp Unverifiable assembly 'FileUpModule'/'SAPrgres'/ 'SAFileUp' failed policy check. KB 04/24/2012
17 FileUp Random filename populates the SaveAsDialog box in MSIE KB 04/24/2012
589 ImgWriter Does ImgWriter support LZW encoded GIF images, or is it only compatible with RLE? FAQ 04/24/2012
649 FileManager Encryption Fails with FileManager KB 04/24/2012
1132 FileUp Using FileUp in a .NET user control KB - HowTo 04/24/2012
2 FileUp Maximum Upload Size to a Database BLOB is 200 KB KB 04/24/2012
825 FileUp Error: "System.Web.HttpException: Maximum request length exceeded" KB - Error 04/24/2012
1223 FileUp Error "Exception caught when processing request" occurs when uploading file(s) KB 04/24/2012
48 FileUp HOWTO: Deliver a Message to Users upon Downloading File KB 04/24/2012
7 FileUp ASP 0115 Errors KB 04/24/2012
1304 ExcelWriter Cell comments appear in the wrong cell and you get a "Data may have been lost" error KB - Error 04/23/2012
674 General .NET XML Best Practices: Reading XML Documents Article 04/23/2012
1325 ExcelWriter Print an Excel Document When Opened on the Client KB - HowTo 04/23/2012
1290 XFile HOW-TO: Specify the installation directory for the files contained in the XFile cabinet file (SAXFile.cab) KB - HowTo 04/23/2012
318 FileUp How to limit the size of uploads KB - HowTo 04/23/2012
904 FileUp FileUp Installation Error: Missing or Outdated ISScript.msi/InstallShield Driver KB 02/02/2012
1272 FileUpEE Collecting debug information with FileUpEE's DebugLevel and DebugLogFile registry keys KB - HowTo 09/07/2011
1294 General How-To: Determine the location of the registered COM DLL Tip 07/05/2011
1381 FileUp Configuring FileUp with .NET 4.0 KB - HowTo 06/20/2011
1384 FileUp How to Upgrade to the Latest Version of FileUp KB 05/16/2011
1383 FileUp Server Object, ASP 0177 (0x800401F3) 800401f3 KB - Error 05/04/2011
1382 All Products Troubleshooting permissions errors with Process Monitor KB - HowTo 05/03/2011
1379 FileUp IIS 7.0 and above return a 404.13 response status when uploading files larger than 28.6 MB in a FileUp application KB 04/06/2011
1374 FileUpEE Cannot download file with "%" in the filename KB 03/28/2011
1373 FileUpEE Setting up FileUpEE and FileUpPE to support files with Unicode characters in the filenames KB - HowTo 03/28/2011
1372 FileUpEE Cannot download file with "&" in the filename KB 03/28/2011
793 XFile Posting multi-select form elements with XFile KB - HowTo 03/15/2011
1292 XFile When using XFile to perform upload and download, the response may be empty KB - Error 02/28/2011
1348 FileUpEE FileUpEE upload resumability and web farms KB 02/23/2011
248 FileUp How to remove FileUp from MTS/COM+ KB 12/01/2010
1339 XFile Downloading with XFile on Windows Vista and Windows 7 using standard user with Internet Explorer 8 in Protected Mode KB 04/29/2010
1145 XFile Use XFile to download files using VB.Net in a windows desktop application KB 02/11/2010
1332 FileUpEE SendRequest method fails in ASP.NET on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 KB - Error 02/11/2010
1320 FileUpEE Session loss in ASP.NET 2.0 using XFileEE with FileUpEE KB 01/20/2010
1331 XFile SoftArtisans Response to Microsoft Security Bulletin MS09-035 - Vulnerabilities in Visual Studio ATL KB 01/20/2010
1259 XFile How to create a custom progress indicator using the TransferProgress event of the XFRequest object in JavaScript KB - HowTo 12/28/2009
862 FileUp Manual installation: How to add registry parameters to FileUp KB 12/16/2009
1318 FileUp FileUp hangs after installing a .NET update KB 09/01/2009
1315 ExcelWriter How ExcelWriter handles the "Category (X) axis crosses at maximum value" property KB 07/24/2009
1301 All Products How to save a DataSet as an XML file KB - HowTo 07/17/2009
1261 FileUp How to upload over 2 GB with FileUp in ASP.NET KB 05/19/2009
1262 FileUpEE Three-tier chunked uploads with FileUpEE do not work properly KB - Error 05/19/2009
1143 FileUpEE Can the HttpModule be configured to cache to a network share? KB 05/15/2009
1308 ImgWriter How to avoid resizing artifacts when downscaling images with ImgWriter KB 02/18/2009
1289 ExcelWriter How to import data into areas with merged cells KB - HowTo 01/05/2009
677 General Working with XML Schemas: Comparing DTDs and XML Schemas Article 10/24/2008
1283 ExcelWriter Chart height incorrect or chart missing when creating charts programmatically with ExcelWriter 6.9.2 KB 10/24/2008
1277 XFile The FileSize property of XFile’s XFFile object returns incorrect values for files over 2 GB KB 08/07/2008
1275 FileUpEE Upgrading from a version prior to 5.1.1 of FileUp Enterprise Edition for ASP.NET KB - HowTo 07/08/2008
1266 ExcelWriter Linear type of trendline is not a part of the RegressionType Enumeration KB 05/29/2008
635 All Products Error: "Server Error in '/WebApplication' Application. Access denied to 'C:\inetpub\wwwroot\WebApp' directory. Failed to start monitoring directory changes." KB - Error 03/26/2008
786 XFile Unwanted Prompt with Windows Authentication KB 03/26/2008
717 FileUp "SoftArtisans.FileUp.1 error '80020009' No temporary directory can be found to process upload contents." KB - Error 03/26/2008
660 FileUp DLLs cannot be registered using regsvr32 KB - Error 03/26/2008
658 FileUp Order of FileUp ISAPI Filter in IIS KB 03/26/2008
624 FileUp Downloaded files are corrupted KB 03/26/2008
213 FileUp RegSvr32 Error: 'LoadLibrary ("safileup.dll") failed. GetLastError returns 0x0000007e KB 03/26/2008
97 FileUp ASP Error 0177: Library not registered KB 03/26/2008
91 FileUp Error -2146368501: Problem Registering with Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) KB 03/26/2008
1273 FileUp Error: Could not load file or assembly ... Failed to grant minimum permission requests KB 02/15/2008
1153 XFile Adding XFile to a WinForms Application KB 01/17/2008
1210 ExcelWriter .XLS files created by ExcelApplication from .XLT files default to .XLT when saving in Excel KB 01/16/2008
909 ExcelWriter Values of cells containing formulas are set to 0 by ExcelTemplate KB 01/08/2008
1093 FileUpEE Troubleshooting steps to determine if the HttpModule is working KB 01/07/2008
1073 XFile FileUp does not process form elements posted by XFile KB 01/07/2008
1007 XFile Can each file that is transferred be treated as an event? KB 12/27/2007
997 XFile How to suppress error popups with the visual transfer objects. KB 12/27/2007
714 XFile Removing XFile from the client (Internet Explorer) KB 12/24/2007
1244 FileUp FileUp instantiation fails in ASP after installing Microsoft hotfix KB 12/24/2007
1157 FileUpEE Using XFileEE and FileUpEE in .NET with code-behind (C#) KB 12/18/2007
10 FileUp Saved File does not inherit File Permissions of Destination Directory KB 10/23/2007
1246 ExcelWriter Error: "Failed to get Style interface" when calling the ExcelApplication.Save() method. KB 10/12/2007
1070 XFile How can I detect the version of XFile installed on the client? KB 10/09/2007
1045 FileUp Configuration issue with FileUp running on ASP.NET 2.0 KB 08/02/2007
1241 FileUp Error: Attempted to read or write protected memory KB 07/27/2007
1226 FileUpEE Users are unable to browse website while uploading or downloading a large file KB 04/19/2007
8 FileUp Cached files do not end up in location set by Path property KB 02/26/2007
375 FileUp Can FileUp process an upload containing multiple files? KB 02/22/2007
234 ExcelWriter Problems modifying existing BIFF8 spreadsheets containing charts and/or images with ExcelWriter COM KB 02/13/2007
492 FileUp Why can't I use Request.Form in conjunction with an upload in Classic ASP? FAQ 02/08/2007
650 FileUp Downloading using FileUp's TransferFile method always results in "SaveAs" dialog in Internet Explorer. KB 02/08/2007
12 FileUp HOWTO: Determine the location of the uploaded file on the server KB 01/02/2007
11 FileUp HOWTO: Upgrading from the Evaluation to the Full Version KB 01/02/2007
1192 ExcelWriter Populating dates in non-US formats using ExcelWriter KB 08/22/2006
1175 ExcelWriter Error: Exhausted Data Markers KB 08/10/2006
1147 ExcelWriter Problems Autofitting PivotTables KB 08/08/2006
1202 XFile XFile Visual Control does not resize when buttons are hidden KB 08/08/2006
1207 FileUp When using FileUp in ASP.NET, files uploaded to a database are corrupted when UseMemory is set to "True" and the HttpModule is used. KB 02/24/2006
1206 XFile How will XFile be affected by the upcoming changes described in the MSDN white paper "Activating ActiveX Controls" (2006)? KB 02/14/2006
1158 XFile How to use XFile's Transfer Events in an Upload KB 01/25/2006
986 WordWriter Generating multiple documents in one Word file KB 01/03/2006
1024 ExcelWriter Additional sheet is selected when Chartsheet is the active sheet KB 10/11/2005
1179 ExcelWriter Excel hidden behind browser window in Windows XP, SP2 when downloading multiple spreadsheets. KB 09/08/2005
1123 FileUpEE How to control the creation of new folders when saving to disk. KB 09/07/2005
1183 FileUpEE Error: SendRequest Failed Invalid SOAP Response KB - Error 09/06/2005
972 XFile How do I close the progress window automatically after a transfer completes? KB - HowTo 09/06/2005
331 FileUp Optimizing ASP Threads for Uploads Tip 08/22/2005
1182 FileUpEE Large uploads in ASP.NET fails with the error "System.OutOfMemoryException" KB 08/22/2005
96 FileUp Error: "Class does not support automation" KB 08/18/2005
1178 XFile Index of "Best Practices" for XFile KB 08/16/2005
846 XFile Using Client Certificates with XFile: the CertInfo property KB - HowTo 08/16/2005
1177 XFile Best Practice: Set XFile's HTTP content expiration header to expire immediately KB 08/16/2005
1176 XFile Can I use XFile's graphical Progress Indicator object with the non-graphical transfer engine (XFRequest Object)? KB - HowTo 08/12/2005
336 XFile Best Practice: Using the Version property in XFile's OBJECT tag (Upgrading SoftArtisans XFile on the client) Tip 08/11/2005
1168 XFile Internet Explorer gives a security warning "The publisher could not be verified" when loading a page that uses XFile. KB 08/10/2005
1167 XFile XFile returns download error message, "The system cannot find the file specified." KB 08/08/2005
1172 FileUp Uploading files from a Mac client using Internet Explorer 5.2 caused corrupted files. KB 08/08/2005
1170 XFile Default internet security setting causes Windows XP SP2 to block the installation of XFile when the cab is unsigned. KB 08/04/2005
1169 XFile XFile samples and progress indicator do not run correctly. KB 08/03/2005
906 XFile Basic Troubleshooting Steps for XFile KB 07/22/2005
823 FileUp IsEmpty check fails when uploading small files in ASP.NET using the Progress Indicator and the HttpModule in IIS6 KB 07/06/2005
1115 FileUp Closing the progress indicator window automatically KB 06/30/2005
1100 FileUp Display an inline image in a webpage using FileUp KB 06/30/2005
897 XFile Using XFile in a ASP.NET web application with codebehind KB 06/23/2005
971 FileUp Installation Error: Error reading Setup Initialization File KB - Error 06/08/2005
1082 XFile How do I suppress pop-up error messages with XFile's visual controls? KB 05/06/2005
1127 JFile How can I set JFile's file selector to open in the Windows "My Documents" directory by default? Tip 05/03/2005
984 FileUp SoftArtisans.SAFile.1 error '80070005' - Error occurred when moving cached file to final destination. KB - Error 04/05/2005
977 Archive Archive times out when unpacking a zip using more than one Extract() call KB - Error 04/05/2005
980 FileUp HTML File input control filtering KB 04/04/2005
892 FileUp What is the maximum length of a file name that can be entered into a form element of type File? KB 03/16/2005
1051 FileUp Can I save files to a network share using a mapped drive? FAQ 02/18/2005
1061 FileUp Pop-up blockers and the Progress Indicator KB 02/10/2005
1031 JFile After upgrading to the retail (non-expiring) version of JFile, JFile still complains that the "trial version has expired". KB 01/31/2005
1028 FileUp Understanding upload size limitations in relation to FileUp KB 01/31/2005
965 XFile Can I upload directly from Microsoft Outlook? KB 01/28/2005
629 ImgWriter Two Ways to Use ImgWriter to display an image within HTML KB - HowTo 01/28/2005
1059 ImgWriter ImgWriter-generated grayscale GIFs are not optimized to reduce file size. KB 01/26/2005
1055 SMTPmail SMTPmail error: SoftArtisans.SMTPMail.1 (0x80020009) This edition of SMTPMail has expired. KB 01/26/2005
1054 SMTPmail SMTPmail error: Server object, ASP 0177 (0x8007007E) 8007007e KB 01/20/2005
1053 SMTPmail SMTPmail uninstaller error: SASMTP.dll is in use and cannot be uninstalled. KB 01/19/2005
342 XFile Can I do a completely hidden upload with XFile? FAQ 12/30/2004
962 FileUp Incorrect File Name in the Save As Dialog box when using the Transfer File method. KB 12/14/2004
996 Archive Does Archive support Unicode file names? FAQ 11/09/2004
924 FileUp Documentation Error: A Simple Upload in ASP.NET KB 11/01/2004
954 JFile How to see the Security Warning again KB 11/01/2004
960 JFile Making floppy drives visible in the upload file selector KB 11/01/2004
958 FileUp FileUp 80020009 errors or Mac decoding errors received when using Mac clients to send an upload request. KB 10/29/2004
959 Archive The evaluation version of Archive does not always give a special error message when it expires. KB 10/27/2004
973 FileUp Installation error - 1607: Unable to install InstallShield Scripting Runtime KB 10/27/2004
966 FileUp Progress Indicator window is slow to open KB 10/18/2004
953 SMTPmail Embedded image support in SMTPMail KB 10/06/2004
951 JFile File selection box does not pop up when using the Download applet. KB 10/05/2004
942 XFile AXFFile error or AXFFileDownloadError when running XFile samples KB 09/28/2004
869 FileManager Error when repeatedly reading Name and Owner properties of the File object KB 09/28/2004
947 XFile Using XFile's built-in Upload button KB 09/28/2004
894 SMTPmail Can SMTPmail be used asynchronously? FAQ 09/28/2004
864 FileManager File Manager doubles the size of text files KB 09/21/2004
812 FileUp SSL Posts from Mac clients fail when submitted to a server on which FileUp's ISAPI filter is installed. KB 09/20/2004
889 FileUp Interceptor Technologies Available in FileUp: The ISAPI filter vs. the HttpModule KB 09/20/2004
887 FileUp Bug in FileUp version 5.0.3: Progress Indicator Fails to show Progress in .NET environment when using the HttpModule KB 09/13/2004
925 XFile WebClient.dll fails to register on Windows XP sp2 KB 09/10/2004
422 SMTPmail Send Email Attachments with SoftArtisans FileUp and SMTPMail Tip 09/02/2004
921 JFile Using your own button to start a JFile upload KB 08/25/2004
748 ImgWriter ImgWriter Limitations with TIFF Files KB 08/25/2004
821 FileUp Error: "Access Denied" when instantiating FileUp in .NET. KB 08/19/2004
799 All Products Generic 500 Errors: How to disable friendly HTTP error messages in Internet Explorer in order to obtain more descriptive error messages. KB - HowTo 08/18/2004
910 XFile Large uploads fail in .NET with error "The connection with the server was reset" KB 08/17/2004
912 FileUp All uploads over 30 MB fail with a 404 error when URLscan is installed KB 08/13/2004
900 FileUp Large uploads fail in ASP with IIS 6.0 KB 08/12/2004
880 ImgWriter Using ImgWriter with C# KB - HowTo 08/11/2004
810 FileUp Can I make sure the user selected a file before the upload starts? KB 08/09/2004
877 ExcelWriter How to use a macro to rename the file on the client KB 08/06/2004
901 FileUp Unicode support for FileUp applications in ASP KB 08/04/2004
74 Admin Error "SoftArtisans.User.1 error '80070522' A required privilege is not held by the client" KB 08/04/2004
820 All Products How do I check identity in an ASP.NET application? KB 06/25/2004
879 XFile XFile times out when using SSL with Server and ObjectName properties because correct port number was not specified. KB 06/25/2004
883 FileManager Runtime Error: (0x80020009) The operation completed successfully. KB 06/24/2004
882 FileManager RunTime Error: (0x80020009) The RPC server is unavailable. KB 06/24/2004
881 FileManager AllowAcess method does not allow domain specification when granting access to a group account. KB 06/24/2004
623 SMTPmail Using SMTPmail in .NET KB 06/22/2004
878 FileUpEE Cannot create FileUpEE object after installing FileUpEE KB 06/16/2004
851 FileUp Error: Function returned |: Occurs when Instantiating FileUp or Accessing the First Form Element in the Upload Request KB 06/03/2004
865 All Products Error accessing OLE registry: 8002801c KB - Error 05/28/2004
813 XFile Do I need to include webclnt.dll if I am planning to create and sign my own CAB file? KB 05/21/2004
776 FileUp Where are the uploaded file's permissions inherited from? KB 05/18/2004
839 JFile How To: Write an applet to detect the version and vendor the of the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) you are running. KB 05/13/2004
827 JFile How do I begin troubleshooting JFile issues? KB 05/13/2004
855 FileUp Permission Errors when Downloading with FileUp's TransferFile Method KB - Error 05/10/2004
838 FileUp XP Professional OS requires a "." preceeding "uplx" or other application extension when adding the extension to an application mapping in IIS KB 04/29/2004
279 FileUp Error: "ASP 0101 Unexpected error. Function returned |" when using FileUp on Windows 2000 pre-SP3 with SSL KB - Error 04/28/2004
540 ExcelWriter Error: "Invalid formula, parsing failed" KB - Error 04/16/2004
791 JFile How to modify the status text in JFile's client-side progress indicator KB - HowTo 04/08/2004
345 FileManager RevertToSelf method fails in VB environments KB 04/07/2004
835 XFile XFile's signed CAB is missing certain dlls KB 03/30/2004
254 FileUpEE Error: Server Application Unavailable under ASP.NET KB 03/30/2004
814 FileUp How do I know if I should be using FileUp's ISAPI filter? KB 03/11/2004
808 FileUp Accessing the uploaded file as an array of variants KB 03/04/2004
63 FileUp 'Cannot create temporary file' when trying to upload KB 03/02/2004
509 Archive Can Archive preserve directory structure? FAQ 03/02/2004
815 Archive Error: Cannot create a temporary file in the specified path for self-extractable zip file KB 03/02/2004
816 FileUp How do I get the Progress Indicator to show accurate progress in ASP.NET? FAQ 03/02/2004
809 Archive What is Archive's threading model? FAQ 03/01/2004
757 FileUp Windows 2003 and IIS 6 support for version 4.x of FileUp KB 03/01/2004
798 XFile How do I download a zip file and extract it on the client? KB - HowTo 02/27/2004
811 XFile Error: "The server name or address could not be resolved". XFile applications may fail after installing Microsoft Security Update for Internet Explorer 6 (KB832894) KB - Error 02/27/2004
806 FileUp Can I use FileUp to access the uploaded files without ever writing them to disk? KB - HowTo 02/24/2004
802 FileUp Documentation Error: SAFUpps.dll should not be added to the Global Assembly Cache KB - Error 02/09/2004
795 FileUp HowTo: Install the FileUp/FileUpEE HttpModule KB - HowTo 02/04/2004
769 FileUpEE Using FileUp or FileUpEE in IIS6 (Windows 2003), large ASP downloads are failing KB 01/30/2004
735 SMTPmail How do I use SMTPmail in an ASP.NET application? KB - HowTo 01/27/2004
736 ImgWriter How do I use ImgWriter in an ASP.NET application? KB - HowTo 01/27/2004
721 FileManager How do I use FileManager in an ASP.NET application? KB - HowTo 01/27/2004
792 FileUp HowTo: Determine which version of FileUp is installed on the server KB - HowTo 01/19/2004
785 XFile How to suppress the file content in an XFile Debug Log KB 01/15/2004
730 SMTPmail How do I get started with SMTPmail? KB 01/13/2004
783 XFile Unexpected behavior when retrieving "Date Last Modified" information on an uploaded file. (XFile, FileUp) KB 01/13/2004
778 FileUp How to integrate FileUpSE/EE samples into Visual Studio .NET for development. KB 01/12/2004
637 XFile Best Practice: Obtaining and Displaying the server response from an upload request KB - HowTo 01/06/2004
777 FileUp Is there a limit on the length of the file name that can be uploaded to the server? FAQ 01/05/2004
766 FileUp Downloads Fail with Windows Server 2003 KB 12/31/2003
767 ExcelWriter saOpenInPlace Doesn't Open in the Browser KB 12/31/2003
752 XFile XFile is still using an expired version after installing the full version KB 12/31/2003
760 FileUp How do I set an IIS 6 webserver to run in IIS 5 Isolation Mode? KB - HowTo 12/22/2003
758 All Products The product will not install. The installation progress indicator stays at 0%. No error messages are given. KB 12/16/2003
763 FileUp Does FileUp support DFS (Distributed File System) paths? FAQ 12/16/2003
771 Archive Generating a cab file results in run-time error: "unspecified error", or the creation of an empty cab file, 0 or 1 kb in size. KB - Error 12/16/2003
344 FileManager What kind of security related file management tasks can FileManager do? FAQ 11/18/2003
718 FileUp HowTo Use FileUp with CodeBehind in Visual Studio.NET KB 11/04/2003
605 JFile File Transfers requiring Host Headers fail when using Sockets KB 11/03/2003
733 WordWriter Populate a WordWriter generated document with line items, such as a bulleted list, with an unknown number of text entries. KB - HowTo 10/31/2003
753 FileUp Server-side Progress Indicator in the .NET environment fails to show progress KB 10/24/2003
307 FileManager How can I use FileManager to change the security context within my script? FAQ 10/24/2003
747 FileUp Some uploaded files lose 32,868 bytes. File is corrupted on the server. KB 10/21/2003
749 FileUp What version of FileUp supports ASP.NET? FAQ 10/21/2003
706 FileUp How to use .uplx pages in Visual Studio .NET projects KB - HowTo 09/30/2003
737 ImgWriter Error: "Not enough storage is available to process this command. Not enough memory to perform the operation. Image file could not be saved to the file." KB - Error 09/30/2003
630 Admin Admin and Active Directory KB 09/19/2003
257 FileUp BinHex (.hqx) files downloaded to a MAC with IE 5.x machine are corrupt KB 09/19/2003
725 XFile Post to non standard port with XFile KB - HowTo 09/19/2003
259 FileUp Does FileUp have Virus Protection? KB 09/18/2003
67 SessionPro Global.asa file's Sub Session_OnEnd uses different security context than may be expected KB 09/18/2003
249 SMTPmail HOWTO: Be Authenticated by your SMTP server when using SMTPmail KB 09/18/2003
265 FileUp HOWTO: Restrict the Types of Files Uploaded KB 09/18/2003
682 FileUp Error: "Path 'POST' is forbidden" error is received in .NET when attempting to process a "*.uplx" page. KB 09/08/2003
694 FileManager "Modify", "Write", "List" and "Execute", permission groups on a folder or file granted through FileManager's AllowAccess method failed to include SYNCHRONIZE. KB 09/05/2003
713 XFile Best Practice: Testing considerations for XFile applications when the client and server are the same machine. KB - HowTo 08/27/2003
711 ExcelWriter "Access Denied" error when calling Save() in ExcelWriter KB - Error 08/15/2003
698 JFile "Applet not inited" Error KB 08/14/2003
716 ImgWriter Can ImgWriter be used to create or manipulate animated GIFs? FAQ 08/08/2003
691 FileUp How do I guarantee unique file names when uploading files to the webserver? KB 08/06/2003
177 FileUp HOW TO: Create Unique Filenames KB 08/06/2003
701 ImgWriter Setting Response.Buffer to "true" has no effect when using ImgWriter to stream an image to the browser. KB 08/01/2003
692 SMTPmail Using the UseMSPickUpDir method to assist in the testing of your SMTPmail application KB 08/01/2003
679 ImgWriter Image fails to load in web page when page is refreshed. (Internet Explorer only) KB 07/25/2003
577 FileUpEE DotNet runtime error: "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way...." KB - Error 07/25/2003
695 ImgWriter Anti-aliasing fonts with ImgWriter KB 07/21/2003
625 FileUp Web.config or machine.config error when using FileUp in Global Assembly Cache (GAC) KB - Error 07/18/2003
640 FileUp How to determine the filename of the uploaded file after it has been saved on the server KB - HowTo 07/18/2003
693 All Products Where can I find a list of version differences for my product? FAQ 07/18/2003
269 FileUp Are versions 3 and 4 of FileUp backwards compatible with 2.x? KB 07/18/2003
68 FileUp HOWTO: Extract just the filename or extension of an uploaded file KB 07/16/2003
675 General .NET XML Best Practices - Writing XML Documents Article 07/16/2003
673 General .NET XML Best Practices - Choosing an XML API Article 07/16/2003
666 General Sharing Cookies Across Domains Article 07/15/2003
173 FileUp Error: The library file "SAFUpMon.dll" specified for the "SAFileUpMon" service could not be opened KB 07/15/2003
676 General State Maintenance in ASP.NET Article 07/11/2003
663 General Transactional File Manipulation in ASP Article 07/11/2003
672 General Repeated Value Binding to ASP.NET List Controls Article 07/11/2003
684 Check How do I get the latest version of source.dat? KB 07/08/2003
668 General Sharing Configuration Data Among ASP Applications (Page 2 of 2) Article 07/07/2003
667 General Sharing Configuration Data Among ASP Applications (Page 1 of 2) Article 07/07/2003
670 General Maintaining Session State & Sharing Data Across Servers, Domains & the Entire Internet Article 07/07/2003
671 General SoftArtisans POP3 - A POP3-client Control for the .NET Platform Article 07/07/2003
664 General Building Web Applications Using Active Server Components - David Wihl Article 07/07/2003
638 FileUp Download contents are corrupted when using the TransferFile method in the evaluation version of FileUp. KB 06/30/2003
513 FileUp Server-Side Progress Indicator jumps from 0% to 100%, failing to show continual progress. KB 06/27/2003
639 ImgWriter ImgWriter fails to stream an image to the browser in the ASP.NET environment. KB 06/26/2003
652 FileUp Overwriting Files Stored in Database KB 06/24/2003
319 FileUp Can FileUp handle very large uploads? FAQ 06/24/2003
553 Admin Error: "Unknown Error Adding Counter" when using the Performance object KB - Error 06/23/2003
217 XFile ERROR: "This Operation is Timed Out. Please Check your Internet Connection and the TimeOut property KB 06/17/2003
602 JFile What ports does JFile use client-side to transfer files? FAQ 06/03/2003
601 XFile What ports does Xfile use client-side to transfer files? FAQ 06/03/2003
643 ImgWriter Error: ImgWriter does not read JPEGProgressive property of image, or JPEGProgressive is always False KB - Error 06/02/2003
571 FileUp Temporary files not deleted when using FileUp in .NET KB 05/30/2003
570 FileUp Product installation failure: .NET framework has to be installed KB - Error 05/30/2003
273 FileUp Error: SoftArtisans.SAFile.1 (0x80020009) Unable to write to file KB 05/29/2003
642 SMTPmail Can I bind the MassMail method of SMTPmail to an array? KB 05/28/2003
563 FileUp Can Fileup be used with ColdFusion for file uploads? FAQ 05/23/2003
18 FileUp Error occurs when saving files to a network share
KB 05/23/2003
633 FileUp HowTo: Save to File System and Database KB - HowTo 05/23/2003
631 FileUp Server-Side Progress Indicator Fails to Refresh KB 05/23/2003
636 FileUp Instructions for manually removing the FileUp ISAPI filter. KB - HowTo 05/23/2003
583 Archive What are the archive types that SoftArtisans Archive supports? Tip 05/16/2003
251 SMTPmail HOWTO: Create mixed body content in one email KB 05/16/2003
388 FileUp Can I use FileUp to upload pre-set files from my client? FAQ 05/14/2003
424 Admin Does Admin support Active directory? FAQ 05/12/2003
621 ImgWriter Error: "Can not write image data to the storage. Image file could not be saved ..." KB - Error 05/05/2003
603 ExcelWriter Printing to a specific client-side printer with ExcelWriter KB - HowTo 05/05/2003
210 FileManager SoftArtisans.FileManager.1 error '80020009' A required privilege is not held by the client. KB 05/05/2003
620 FileUp How to delete aborted uploads from Progress Monitor Console KB - HowTo 05/01/2003
617 XFile Duplicate Form Elements When Resubmitting Form With XFile KB 04/30/2003
343 JFile Can I do a hidden upload with JFile? FAQ 04/24/2003
572 FileUp Error 1608: Unable to create InstallDriver instance KB - Error 04/08/2003
322 SMTPmail Can I use SMTPmail to send thousands of emails? How long will this take? FAQ 02/24/2003
527 JFile First attempt transfering files with JFile fails, but subsequent attempt succeed KB 02/24/2003
109 JFile HOWTO: Print the JFile Documentation KB 01/23/2003
45 FileUp HOWTO: Load testing FileUp using Microsoft's WCAT Utility KB 01/23/2003
51 FileManager IE 4.0/5.0 ActiveX Component Cannot Create Object 'Softartisans.Filemanager' KB 01/23/2003
59 Check Check only accepts default value for any ZIP code KB 01/23/2003
50 FileUp HOWTO: Send an Email with an Attachment KB 01/23/2003
57 SessionPro Upper bound of multidimensional arrays is cut off KB 01/23/2003
55 FileUp IsEmpty property of FileUp object not a true VB Boolean KB 01/23/2003
335 FileUp Enable Uploads on Windows 2000 when No One is Logged onto the Server Tip 01/23/2003
205 FileUp ADODB.Field error: "Arguments are of the wrong type..." KB 01/23/2003
104 FileUp HOW TO: Enable uploads on Windows 2000 when no-one is logged on to the server KB 01/23/2003
56 SessionPro Calls to SessionPro object in Global.asa file Sub Session_OnEnd will cause processing to hang KB 01/23/2003
35 FileUp ERROR: Server connection reset and/or Error 270 KB 01/23/2003
117 FileUp Download Consists of ASP Code When Using Internet Explorer 5.5 with Service Pack 1
KB 01/23/2003
220 ImgWriter HOW TO: Upload and modify an image using ImgWriter and FileUp KB 01/23/2003
379 FileUp Upload to Two Locations Simultaneously Tip 01/23/2003
89 FileUp Error: '8004e010' Invalid Callee KB 01/23/2003
236 FileUp Error: "Unable to execute the specified command line" when using FileUp auto installation package KB 01/23/2003
88 FileUp How To: Set a Default Directory for All Cached Files KB 01/23/2003
93 FileUp Error Registering FileUp in MTS KB 01/23/2003
567 Admin Can Admin be used with Active Directory? FAQ 01/15/2003
550 JFile "Netscape security model is no longer supported..." appears in Java Console with Netscape Navigator 6.2. KB 01/03/2003
519 ExcelWriter Access ExcelWriter from a remote machine using a .Net Web Service KB - HowTo 12/04/2002
325 ImgWriter What kinds of image manipulations can I achieve with ImgWriter? FAQ 12/04/2002
543 FileUp How do I preserve the resource fork in a file upload from a Mac? KB - HowTo 12/04/2002
306 ImgWriter What does the Image Collection object do? FAQ 12/04/2002
323 SMTPmail Can I use SMTPmail from a desktop application? FAQ 12/04/2002
346 FileUp Other users unable to browse site while an upload is in progress KB 12/04/2002
452 XFile Error: "The connection with the server was terminated abnormally" KB - Error 12/04/2002
489 FileUp How does SoftArtisans FileUp compare to the Posting Acceptor? FAQ 12/02/2002
544 ExcelWriter Headers and Footers that contain special characters are limited to 124 characters. KB - Error 11/22/2002
23 FileUp HOWTO: Checking Existence and Renaming Upon Upload KB 11/04/2002
47 FileUp HOWTO: Dynamic Hyperlinked File List for Download KB 11/04/2002
46 FileUp HOWTO: Create New Folder and Upload Multiple Files KB 11/04/2002
516 SMTPmail How to use the Queued Mailing functionality KB - HowTo 10/02/2002
490 FileUp How do I extract just the filename from the complete UserFilename path? FAQ 09/30/2002
285 SMTPmail MassMail generates emails with all text in lower case KB 09/25/2002
262 FileUp HOWTO: Limit the size of the files uploaded KB 09/24/2002
267 FileUp Will FileUp 2.x work with Windows 2000? KB 09/24/2002
485 All Products I rent NT virtual server space from an ISP running IIS. Can I just copy your dll to my site and start using it? FAQ 09/24/2002
266 FileUp Does FileUp have any Virus protection? KB - HowTo 09/24/2002
380 SMTPmail Using SMTPmail's MassMail Feature Tip 09/19/2002
293 ExcelWriter ExcelWriter generated files prompt "Save changes" dialog when closed KB 09/19/2002
324 FileManager Do I need a separate license for Filemanager? FAQ 09/19/2002
340 ImgWriter What image file types does SoftArtisans ImgWriter support?  FAQ 09/19/2002
487 FileUp What other elements can I have on my form besides a file? FAQ 09/18/2002
491 FileUp After uploading, everything seems fine except that the contents of the uploaded file contain only the filename. KB 09/18/2002
493 FileUp Is there any way to place the uploaded files in a directory that is relative to the virtual root of the Web server? KB 09/18/2002
494 All Products The call to Server.CreateObject failed while checking permissions. KB 09/18/2002
496 FileUp Permissions and security: how should they be set for uploading? FAQ 09/18/2002
321 XFile Can I distribute XFile with my desktop application? FAQ 09/18/2002
495 FileUp Can I encrypt files upon upload? Can I use SSL with FileUp? FAQ 09/17/2002
488 FileUp How can I capture additional fields when uploading? FAQ 09/17/2002
309 SMTPmail Does SMTPmail verify addresses? FAQ 09/13/2002
456 FileUp Browser shows "Estimated time left: Not known" when downloading KB 09/13/2002
305 JFile Do I need FileUp on the server, when uploading files with JFile? FAQ 09/13/2002
282 XFile Do I need FileUp on the server when uploading files with XFile? FAQ 09/13/2002
304 FileUp What are the benefits of downloading with FileUp, rather than linking to the file directly? FAQ 09/13/2002
310 SMTPmail Can SMTPmail be used with an authenticating SMTP server? FAQ 09/11/2002
308 FileManager How does FileManager compare with the File System Object? FAQ 09/11/2002
283 FileUp safileupmon.dll 8-byte boundary error appears in the event log KB - Error 09/11/2002
271 FileUp How can I get the dimensions of an uploaded image? KB 09/11/2002
332 FileUp Using the IIS UploadReadAhead Parameter to Increase the Speed of Large Uploads Tip 09/09/2002
362 XFile Use FileManager and Archive Client-Side with XFile Tip 09/06/2002
382 ImgWriter SoftArtisans ImgWriter: MergeWithImage Method vs. AddWatermark Method Tip 09/06/2002
58 SessionPro SA-Session Pro will not store nested variant arrays KB 08/22/2002
108 FileUp HOWTO: Print the SA-FileUp Documentation KB 08/22/2002
82 JFile VeriSign Code Signing IDs for Netscape Expire on 12/31/99 KB 08/22/2002
436 FileUp Upload Files to a User-Defined Sub-Directory Tip 08/14/2002
255 FileUpEE HOWTO: Properly set the Web Server Temp directory for Beta 1 KB 06/17/2002
258 FileManager Memory leak occurs when reading data from the text stream KB 05/31/2002
245 SMTPmail MassMail method reports success but no emails are sent KB 02/08/2002
60 FileUp Request object error 'ASP 0206 : 80004005' when attempting upload KB 01/29/2002
243 XFile Error: "This evaluation version of XFile has expired..." with licensed version installed on server KB 01/28/2002
238 ExcelWriter Error: "Data may have been lost" when stripping macros with template object KB 12/20/2001
233 ExcelWriter Error: "Failed to open file, check file name and access rights" KB 12/14/2001
227 JFile Native file selector does not allow selection of multiple files KB 11/20/2001
226 XFile Error: "The certificate authority is invalid or incorrect" KB 11/20/2001
224 JFile File transfer fails when using SSL KB 11/19/2001
28 FileUp Support for Netscape Navigator KB 11/13/2001
225 FileUp RegSvr32 Error: 'LoadLibrary ("safileup.dll") failed. GetLastError returns 0x8002801c KB 11/13/2001
41 FileUp Download results are displayed in browser window rather than in a Save As dialog KB 11/13/2001
36 FileUp Error occurred when moving cached file to final destination KB 11/13/2001
39 FileUp How does SA-FileUp compare to FTP? KB 11/13/2001
37 FileUp HOWTO: Determining if SA-FileUp is installed on your server. KB 11/13/2001
32 FileUp Comparison of evaluation version to full version of SA-FileUp KB 11/13/2001
20 FileUp MaxBytes setting seems to have no effect KB 11/13/2001
223 XFile HOW TO: Download from an ASP page using XFile and FileUp KB 11/09/2001
219 XFile XFile reports a successful transfer but the file is not found on the server KB 11/02/2001
216 FileUp Downloaded file is corrupted, containing meaningless characters KB 10/25/2001
215 SMTPmail Email sent with SMTPMail is timestamped with the wrong month KB 10/12/2001
214 Archive Error message: Unlicensed Stuffit Engine KB 10/12/2001
212 FileUp Browser hangs when using TransferFile on very large files KB 09/21/2001
71 FileUp Error # 0x80070002 - SA-FileUp unable to register if 8.3 filename creation is shut off KB 08/21/2001
208 XFile HOW TO: Use FileManager and Archive client-side with XFile KB 08/06/2001
72 FileManager SA-FileManager unable to register if 8.3 filename creation is shut off KB 05/10/2001
192 ExcelWriter ExcelWriter.1 error '80020009': Number of formats has exceeded Excel's limit KB 05/07/2001
98 ExcelWriter HOWTO: Create custom number or date formats and apply them by using "Style" KB 05/07/2001
175 FileUp HOW TO: Dynamically Set Script Timeout For Uploads KB 04/25/2001
171 SessionPro HOW TO: Modify The Location At Which SoftArtisans SessionPro Stores Session Data KB 04/25/2001
174 SessionPro HOW TO: Use SoftArtisans SessionPro in a Web Farm Environment KB 04/25/2001
112 FileUp What Server Port does SA-FileUp Use? KB 12/04/2000
111 FileUp Memory Requirements KB 12/04/2000
5 FileUp Bug in ASP's Request.BinaryRead method causes occasional 100% CPU utilization during upload KB 04/10/2000
43 FileUp SA-FileUp and Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) KB 03/27/2000
87 JFile How To: Give the User a Second Chance to Accept the Applet KB 01/06/2000
13 FileUp Invoking SA-FileUp from within another component KB 11/29/1999
25 FileUp Support for Internet Explorer KB 08/19/1999
33 FileUp Chili!ASP Support KB 07/23/1999
70 FileUp SAFile object's Path property requires trailing backslash KB 06/21/1999
69 FileManager "Access is denied" error with existing users when allowing full access to a new user KB 06/17/1999
61 FileUp 'Not enough storage is available to process this command' errors trying to upload through proxy KB 05/27/1999
21 FileUp HOWTO: Resizing a GIF image for display KB 05/19/1999
49 FileUp HOWTO: Uploading a File to a Virtual Directory KB 05/11/1999
26 FileUp Error: Cannot open site (TBS) KB 05/05/1999