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FileUpEE Version Differences
Differences Between V5.3.1 and V5.3.2
Features added
  • In Windows Vista and above clients with Internet Explorer 7 and above, implemented the ability to save files to any accessible directory while Internet Explorer is running in protected mode.
Issues Resolved
  • When uploaded file had a long filename (over 80 characters), setting FileUpEE’s "CodePage" property to Unicode (65001) caused corruption in the saved file’s name.
Issues Resolved in XFileEE version 2.5.2
  • Sending a regular GET request that doesn’t involve file download caused Internet Explorer to crash.
  • During downloads, turning on debug logging in the XFRequest object caused the “Unknown Error Occurred” error. In version 2.5.1, the same bug caused Internet Explorer to crash.
  • FileManager: FileManager’s "TextStream" object couldn’t properly read ANSI encoded text content and rendered it as question mark characters.
Differences Between V5.3.0 and V5.3.1
Features Added:
  • Added full support to XFileEE for non-administrative ActiveX installation in Internet Explorer 8 on platforms running Windows Vista and later (for reference see MSDN article: Non-Admin ActiveX Controls)
  • Significantly improved performance of XFileEE ASP.NET samples using custom HTML client-side progress indicator

Issues Resolved in XFileEE version 2.5.0:

  • In 3-tier uploads using server-side progress indicator, when chunked transfer-encoding was turned on on the webserver, the webserver-to-fileserver part of the 3-tier progress did not display
Differences Between V5.2.0 and V5.3.0
Features Added:

Issues Resolved in XFileEE version 2.5.0:

  • Addressed the possible exposures to the security vulnerabilities in ATL described in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS09-035
  • In downloads with "UseWinInet" property set to false, the temp file for the last downloaded file was not getting deleted after the download is complete
  • In requests with chunked transfer-encoding turned on or "UseWinInet" property set to false, adding a cookie created a separate Cookie header
  • "Response" property returned duplicated server response after uploads over 2 GB, or with "TransferEncoding" property set to 1 or "UseWinInet" property set to false
  • FileManager's "FileExists" method did not recognize files with certain unicode characters in their name
  • FileManager's "GetFile" method threw error "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect" for files with unicode characters in their name
Differences Between V5.1.1 and V5.2.0
Features Added:
  • New constructor and PreserveResumeInfo property provides more fine-grained control of resumability behavior and cleanup of temp files
  • Registry key "IgnoreUnknownCA" added. If set to 1, WinHttp will ignore an unknown certificate authority
  • Extensive new collection of .NET samples demonstrating all enterprise features of FileUpEE, including:
    • Resumable and non-resumable 2-tier upload and download samples
    • Resumable and non-resumable 3-tier upload and download samples
    • Sophisticated custom HTML client-side progress indicator
    • All samples can handle file transfers of unlimited size
    • All 3-tier download samples use streaming functionality so no files are cached on the webserver
    • Fileserver code now in separate application which can easily be moved to another server for testing 3-tier transfers
  • Updated documentation
    • More .NET code examples
    • Improved accuracy in descriptions of many methods and properties
    • Complete documentation of the new HttpModule (released in version 5.1.0) which is configured in web.config rather than the registry
    • XFileEE documentation now bundled with the main FileUpEE documentation
Issues Resolved:
  • In 3-tier downloads using the TransferFile method, the application pool crashed on the webserver when running in .NET 2.0
  • In 3-tier downloads using AddDownloadFile method, the 2nd download caused application hanging

Issues Resolved in XFileEE version 2.4.2:
  • Downloads over SSL failed when "UseWinInet" disabled
  • Visual Progress Indicator showed incorrect Estimated Time and Bytes Transferred
  • XFileEE created extra temp file in USERPROFILE location on client machine during downloads
Differences Between V5.1.0 and V5.1.1

Issues Addressed:

  • Error: "FileUpEe Module Failed to Read the HTTP Request" in chunked uploads
  • Viewstate validation error in 3-tier downloads using the TransferFile method.

Issues Resolved in XFileEE version 2.4.1:

  • XFile version 2.4.0 did not send the custom X-Content-Length header required by FileUpEE for chunked uploads
  • Browser crashed when accessing certain parts of the XFResume object
  • Downloads over 4 GB with the visual control terminated before completion
Differences Between V5.0.33 and V5.1.0
Features Added:
  • New HttpModule with improved performance. Configurable at the application level, no more registry keys. See web.config in samples directory for example of how to set parameters. Documentation will be updated in future version.
  • Registry key "IgnoreUnknownCA" added. If set to 1, WinHttp will ignore an unknown certificate authority

Issues Addressed:

  • Memory leaks fixed for uploads and downloads
  • Unable to resume large uploads if interruption occurred after 2 GB transferred
  • 3-tier chunked upload didn't work with SSL
  • Application-level tracing was not compatible with FileUpEE's HttpModule. Now they can be used together.
  • Disconnection when resuming large chunked uploads
  • Error: "SoapEnvelope layer failed to build DOM Document" when form element names contained certain characters
  • Memory leaks during uploads and downloads

Issues Resolved in XFileEE version 2.4.0:

  • Security fixes for buffer overflow vulnerabilities
  • Error: "Could not create RequestRecord" with resumable uploads and downloads
  • IE crashed when calling AddFormElement
  • Visual control and client-side progress indicator displayed incorrect size for files over 2 GB
  • Browser crashes during downloads
  • "Error: Source=null Description=null" masked true error
  • Large chunked 3-tier uploads failed
  • FileManager: Attributes property of File object was not working correctly
  • Filemanager: DeleteFolder method could not delete sub-folder
Differences Between V5.0.31 and V5.0.33
Issues Addressed:
  • Improved error handling in HttpModule
  • Unable to save file on webserver and remove from collection in 3-tier upload
  • File corruption with particular requests
  • Head Request results in Object Reference error if cache directory is not default
  • BufferOverrun during 3-tier streaming upload
  • Temp files left behind with certain registry settings
  • Submitting form with empty file input field causes dropped connection
  • Buffer Overrun in IIS process caused server blocking
  • FileUpEe.HttpResponse.BodyText not working properly
  • TransferFile fails when trying to download a file with no extension
  • When "Resumable" = 0 in registry files not properly cleaned up
  • Second attempt to resume after client-side timeout resulted in error
  • HttpModule had delay persisting resumability information, causing inability to resume uploads
  • Resumable transfers in ASP creating extra temp files
Differences Between V5.0.29 and V5.0.31
New Feature:
  • Debug Logging has been added for tracing operations of FileUpEe execution
Issue Addressed:
  • Filename uploaded from form with UNICODE encoding was corrupted in .NET
Differences Between V5.0.19 and V5.0.29
New Feature:
  • CodePage property on the FileUpEe object. This Code Page is used when interacting with the Operating System, such as when saving files.
    Method signatures:
    • .NET/C#: long FileUpEe.CodePage { get; set; }
    • .NET/VB.NET: Property FileUpEe.CodePage As Long
    • ASP/VBScript: Property FileUpEe.CodePage As Long
Issues Addressed:
  • Resumed streaming downloads under ASP.NET would be truncated
  • Resumed uploads under ASP.NET would lose bytes within the file
  • FileEe.WriteToResponse(HttpResponse) would occassionally cause a NullReferenceException
  • SAFile.CreateUniqueFileName would occassinally cause an Access Violation in ASP
  • Performance of download under ASP.NET was substantially improved
Differences Between V5.0.18 and V5.0.19
New Feature:
  • CreateDirectoryPath property on the FileUpEe and FileEe objects. Set to True to create the destination directory path if it does not exist.
    Method signatures:
    • .NET/C#: bool FileEe.CreateDirectoryPath { get; set; }
    • .NET/VB.NET: Property FileEe.CreateDirectoryPath As Boolean
    • ASP/VBScript: Property SAFile.CreateDirectoryPath As Boolean
Differences Between V5.0.17 and V5.0.18
Issues Addressed:
  • Setting StreamRequest=False with 3-tier downloads caused a failure
  • Unable to move/delete files after they were saved in .NET
  • TransferFile made request to file server with incorrect HTTP verb
Differences Between V5.0.16 and V5.0.17
Issues Addressed:
  • The OverWriteFiles property was not working
  • CreateUniqueFileName caused an error in 3-tier streaming uploads
Differences Between V5.0.14 and V5.0.16
New Features:
  • Version property addes to SoftArtisans.Net.FileUpEe (SoftArtisans.FileUpEe) and SoftArtisans.Net.MimeClient (SoftArtisans.MimeClient) objects. Use this property to determine the version of the currently-loaded FileUpEE.dll or MimeClient.dll. Method signatures:
    • .NET/C#: string Version { get; }
    • ASP/VBScript: ReadOnly Property Version As String
  • Each FileEe's Param's collection is now returned to the Web server in the SOAP response. This allows file-specific messages to be passed from the file server back to the Web server. See the FileEe.Params documentation for details
Issues Addressed:
  • Saving to a database in ASP.NET occasionally caused a System.NullReferenceException to be thrown
  • Resumable downloads did not work properly
Differences Between V5.0.13 and V5.0.14
Issues Addressed:
  • Null reference exception was thrown when accessing the FileUpEe.HttpResponse property after a successful HTTP request
  • A three-tier streaming download using FileUpEe.TransferFile will now be interrupted and throw an error on the Web server layer BEFORE sending a response to the client
Differences Between V5.0.6 and V5.0.13
Issues Addressed:
  • When using the FileUp ProgressIndicator from J#, the Microsoft J# compiler would complain that the properties "NextProgressId" and "ProgressId" could not be found
  • Using StreamingRequest over SSL would occassionally fail with very large files
  • Form collection values were not available with StreamRequest
Differences Between V5.0.5 and V5.0.6
Issues Addressed:
  • When uploading a small file with FileUpEeModule.dll after IIS restarts, IsEmpty failed with message "no file was submitted".
  • XFileEE v2.0.3 Issue: When setting the property UseWininet = False, multiple download requests failed after the first one.
Differences Between V5.0 and V5.0.5
Issues Addressed:
  • When using FileUpEE ISAPI filter to process an SSL upload, the process failed. This was a FileUpEE ISAPI filter issue and is resolved.
  • FileUpEeModule threw NullReferenceException in some instances.
  • XFileEE v2.0.2 Issue: Canceling a transfer when using WinInet was causing a "can't create file" exception and/or crashing IE.
  • XFileEE v2.0.2 Issue: URLEncoding failed on some special characters.
  • JFile v3.0.1 Issue: When response page contained string "Script" and "Link", JFileEE didn't display the response correctly.
Differences Between V4.0.18 and V5.0
New Features:
  • Resumable uploads from client to Web server with SoftArtisans JFile and SoftArtisans XFile.
  • Streaming 3-tier file transfers improve performance and security.
  • Windows 2003/IIS 6 support: Chunked transfer-encoding allows you to send requests of unlimited size to IIS 6. FileUpEE's new HTTP Module is used in IIS 6 to overcome ASP.NET's inefficient memory utilization and to allow accurate progress indication.
  • New registry keys FilterAspDotNetFlagExtension and FilterAspFlagExtension allow you to modify the file extensions used by FileUp's ISAPI Filter and HTTP Module. Modifiable file extensions can be used to cloak Web server implementation.
Differences Between V4.0.17 and V4.0.18
Issues Addressed:
  • ASP.NET download from 2 web applications on same server caused problems
Differences Between V4.0.10 and V4.0.17
New Features:
  • Property: FilterOn. FilterOn is a read-only boolean property that returns 'true' if a the request was intercepted by a FileUpEE filter.
  • New features in SoftArtisans JFile:
    • Sun JVM support
    • New DownloadClient methods: fileExists, fileLastModified, fileSize
Issues Addressed:
  • Steady increase of aspnet_wp.exe memory utilization.
  • FileEE.SaveAs failed on the Web server for a file downloaded from the file server.
  • In a 3-tier upload (client to Web server to file server), form elements containing more than one value were not returned on the file server.
  • Downloaded files randomly lost 32868 bytes.
  • FileEe.WriteToResponse did not allow concurrent access to a file. If two requests tried to download the same file from the Web server concurrently, one request would fail with the error "File opened by another process." Now, FileEe.WriteToResponse allows concurrent read-only access.
Differences Between V4.0.8 and V4.0.10
Issues Addressed:
  • FileUpEE Developer incorrectly reported simultaneous use of more than one instance of FileUpEE.
  • Issue resolved in SoftArtisans XFile: Memory leak with each transfer request.
Differences Between V4.0.7 and V4.0.8
Issues Addressed:
  • Isapi filter left a temporary file containing HTTP headers when NTLM authentication was used.
  • Under .NET, automatic downloads using FileUpEe.SendRequest(Response) failed.
  • FileUpEE did not properly report SOAP response parsing failures.
  • Some HTML form elements were not included in the FileUp.Form collection.
  • In SoftArtisans FileManager (part of SoftArtisans XFile): On Windows 2000, FileManager did not include the permission component Synchronize when applying the permission groups Execute, Modify, List, and Write to files and folders.
Differences Between V4.0.6 and V4.0.7
Issues Addressed:
  • When using FileUpEE's ISAPI filter to process an upload request, temporary files were not removed if the user canceled the upload from the browser.
  • SoftArtisans FileManager (part of SoftArtisans XFile):
    • The AllowAccess and DenyAccess methods failed on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
Differences Between V4.0.5 and V4.0.6
Issues Addressed:
  • In some cases, after calling Save or SaveAs on the Web server, the uploaded file was deleted on the Web server. This issue was introduced in version 4.0.2.
  • When the upload destination folder specified did not exist, the upload failed and FileUpEE did not report an error.
  • SoftArtisans FileManager (part of SoftArtisans XFile):
    • MD5 hashing failed on Windows 95, 98, and ME platforms.
  • The PermItem.RemoveEntry method failed when called to remove an item from the Permissions collection of a File or Folder object.
Differences Between V4.0.2 and V4.0.5
New Features:
  • FileCollection.RemoveAll removes all files from the collection of files to transfer.
Issues Addressed
  • Web server to file server download requests failed intermittently.
  • Problem handling XML special characters in FileUpEE.DestinationPath when this property was set on the Web server.
  • Improved error reporting for "File not found" error during download.
  • ISAPI filter error occurred with large (over 10 MB) SSL uploads.
Differences Between V4.0.1 and V4.0.2
Issues Addressed:
  • Some uploads with the ISAPI filter from Macintosh browsers failed.
Differences Between V4.0 and V4.0.1
Issues Addressed:
  • XFile: The new XFile 1.1.2 features are listed in the XFile readme.
  • JFile: The new JFile 2.2 features are listed in the JFile readme.