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Support Knowledge Base, Article 91
Error -2146368501: Problem Registering with Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS)
During installation of FileUp the following message is displayed,

"VBScript: FileUp Registration
FileUp COM object did NOT register properly in MTS. Error code returned was: -2146368501."

This occurs if,
  • The FileUp package in MTS, from a previous installation, was not removed before installing the product. Or,
  • MTS was not installed/registered correctly. Or,
  • MTS is stopped.


  1. Un-install the FileUp package in MTS
    There are two ways to un-install:
    • Manual
      Open the Transaction Server Explorer within MTS. Navigate to the FileUp Package:

      Console Root
        /Microsoft Transaction Server
              /Packages Installed

      Right-click FileUp. Select Delete.

    • Automatic
      Run SAFileUpTXUnInstall.vbs by double-clicking. Locate this file in FileUp's program folder.

  2. Uninstall FileUp
    Open the Control Panel, choose Add/Remove Programs and then select "SoftArtisans FileUp". The automated uninstallation will remove FileUp completely from your system.

  3. Verify that MTS is functioning properly
    • Within the MTS Transaction Server Explorer, verify that MTS is not stopped. Right-click the "My Computer" icon. If the first menu option is "Start MS DTC," select this option.
    • Try MTS's own samples. Within the MTS Transaction Server Exporer, open "My Computer," and select "Transaction Statistics." Open the Microsoft Management Console for Internet Information Server. Open IISamples. Select a transactional sample (you will find the names of these under "Packages" in MTS Transaction Server Explorer). Right-click the sample, and select Browse. Keep the Transaction Statistics window open while running the sample. You will be able to monitor whether MTS is handling procedures transactionally.

  4. Re-install FileUp
    See "Installation Instructions" in the FileUp documentation.
Created : 1/15/2003 12:00:00 AM (last modified : 3/26/2008 5:02:04 PM)
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