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OfficeWriter Training for .NET

Course Description

The course provides three days of in-depth training in programming, optimizing, and troubleshooting OfficeWriter applications. The course is geared toward developers with experience building ASP.NET data-driven Web applications. The training includes instructor-led presentations with code samples and hands-on exercises in building Excel and Word applications.

Topics Include

  • Understanding when to use the Template-based approach, the API-based approach, or a combination of the two
  • Best practices and design considerations for performance and flexibility
  • ExcelWriter in Depth: Templates, Areas and Ranges, Formatting, Importing Data, Formulas, Charts and Images
  • WordWriter in Depth: Templates, Merge Fields and Repeat Blocks, Paragraphs, Lists, Tables, Formatting, Importing Data, Images
  • Controlling print settings
  • Advanced HotCell Technology – updating the server from your spreadsheet and document
  • Using VBA macros to make Excel and Word a front-end for your Web application
  • Installation, configuration and security
  • Troubleshooting Excel and Word applications

... and more

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Note: This course outline is subject to change based on experience and interest of the students.