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Archive Version Differences
Differences Between V1.0.7.6 and V1.0.8
Issues Addressed:
  • The issue with archiving files containing folder(s) has been resolved.
Differences Between V1.0.7.4 and V1.0.7.6
New Features:
  • A new means of zip file creation that preserve the zip files' path. You can access this feature by setting ArchiveType to "3".
    • Entries property and Exists property are not supported. You cannot modify the zip; you should only create the zip or expand the whole zip.
    • There is no change in the previous zip function (ArchiveType=1), so preserving directories is still not supported.
    • When adding directory recursively with preserving path, filename filter is not supported, only directory name can be added.
Issues Addressed:
  • Files no longer have issues hanging with certain directories.
Differences Between V1.0 and V1.0.7.4
New Features:
  • Zip password is supported.
  • The documentation and several of the samples have been updated.
  • Version and ExpirationDate Properties added
Issues Addressed:
  • User specifies directory for archive if the path doesn't exist - c:\temp will be used if not specified.
  • Issue fixed while extracting with directory for cab and zip.
  • Buffer overflow