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Features and Benefits

SoftArtisans ImgWriter includes two server-side COM components - SAImageGen and SAImageCollection - which offer sophisticated image processing and creation, as well as image management and caching. Use ImgWriter to:

  • Create thumbnails from existing images
    • Height-to-width ratio is maintained automatically
    • Four resize algorithms are supported to optimize speed and image quality
  • Supports 9 common image formats: bmp, gif, wmf, jpg, emf, png, psd, pcx, and tiff (see note).
  • Add watermarks to your images
  • Generate charts in ASP pages
  • Write dynamic captions on your images
  • Adjust image size for faster web downloads
  • Turn photo negatives into color positives
  • Merge two images
  • Create labels
  • Increase you web site's performance by caching frequently served images
  • Manage images from database blobs
Note:  ImgWriter supports TIFF images but will not read a TIFF image with LZW compression.

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