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Posted by rbalch on 10-22-2013 1:38 PM
We have two identical computers here running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, and a company we do business with is using XFile for uploading to their server/site. On one of these workstation it is working fine, but the other one it will not work. It just brings up a little box with a dot in it like it is a web site element that doesn't exist.

So I went to the manage add-on's in IE 10, and when I try to remove the add-on for Xfile it gives me a message that it can't unregister the 4 .dll files that are in c:\windows\system32\softartisans\SAXFile. The four files are:

At first it appeared that it was because they didn't exist, so i just copied them from the one that works fine to that machine, but it still gave the message and it appears that it is what is removing those files. However, the active X control is not working still when I navigate back to the site.

I have reset all of the security and settings in IE back to defaults, cleared all cache, cookies, user data, etc. Even installed IE 11 and nothing is allowing this activeX control to function on this site.

So, at this point I'm all out of ideas. Thank you for any advice!

Posted by Joy_M on 10-23-2013 6:50 PM

Can you please answer a few questions:

1) Are you running 64-bit IE or 32-bit IE? XFile dlls are 32-bit so they won't work in 64-bit IE.
2) What version of XFile is being used in this application?
3) How was XFile installed, just by hitting the web page?
4) Do you have admin privileges on the machine? XFile requires admin privileges to install or uninstall.

One option would be to manually unregister the dlls from the command line and then try installing it again.


Posted by rbalch on 10-23-2013 8:10 PM
I was running IE 10 and now IE 11 which after a Windows update microsoft apparently unified IE to be able to run 32 & 64 without having to choose which version like it originally was before the update.

I am not sure which version of Xfile it is, but looking at the version in my add-on's it is

Xfile was installed simply by navigating to the web page hosting it.

I do have administrator rights on the machine so that should not be a problem.

I'll try to unregister them and see what happens, but hopefully the rest of the answers above will give you enough info to help.

I REALLY appreciate it, thanks a lot!

Posted by Joy_M on 11-18-2013 9:51 PM
What happened after unregistering the dlls?