Topic: I am in trouble in Win2003(IIS5.0 Worker Process Isolation Mode)

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Posted by kanakana on 11-26-2012 7:54 PM

Dear Sir,

I'm migrating ASP application by SAFileup from Windows2000 to Windows2003 as follows
and I am in trouble in migration site.

 OS:Win2000 SP4
 SAFileuptandard Edition 5.0.14

 OS:Win2003 R2 SP2
 IIS:6.0(IIS5.0 Worker Process Isolation Mode)
 SAFileuptandard Edition 5.0.14

In migration site, SAFileup application works normally, but SAFileup does not work suddenly when time passes.
And SAFileup is not recovered unless we reboot IIS.
Therefore we reboot IIS many times a day.

Because it is output in neither Event Viewer nor IIS log, as for these malfunction information, we don't understand a cause.

Now I have some questions.
*Has anyone encountered this? or know how to work SAFileUp normally?
*Does SAFileup support IIS5.0 Worker Process Isolation Mode?

Best Regards,

Posted by Joy_M on 11-27-2012 5:17 PM


You are using a very old version of the product. I would recommend upgrading to the current version. It is a minor upgrade so it would be free for you.  You can see all the changes in the product since your version here:

FileUp does support isolation mode.  Are you using FileUp in ASP.NET or classic ASP.  When you say that FileUp stops working over time can you describe exactly what happens?  Are you able to instantiate the object?  Is there an error message?    Is this a high traffic site?  When the problem occurs, do you see any other issues on the server such as high memory usage?  

Best regards,



Posted by kanakana on 11-27-2012 7:21 PM


Thank you for your reply.

We use FileUP in classic ASP.

There is no error message or no overload when SAFilup stops working.

However, this site is a high traffic site as you say.

Processing queue sometimes has stuck and automatically grow.

Can you think of any reasons?


Best regards,

Posted by Joy_M on 11-28-2012 11:09 AM
Does the rest of the application continue working when this happens?
The only thing I thought of was that a small memory leak was addressed in a later version. It's the kind of thing that would only have an effect on an application with very high traffic. But you are saying memory is fine?
In any case I would highly recommend upgrading. The current version should be completely backwards-compatible. if the problem still occurs after upgrading we will continue helping you troubleshoot it. Do you have a staging environment where you can test the upgrade first?